:: i'm always proud of you stevie.i always does::

I’m home, early than usual. I’m suffocated inside. I’m a bit frustrated I must say. She did it so well. She impressed me very much and I have my faith upon her ability. Then the judges’ verdict crushed my heart.There was one girl, who practically done her presentation stupidly, has been chosen to be one of the winner.

I was like-WTF?

You effing faggots!~

p/s: redha.



Anonymous said...

It's okay.
We can try again next year.

mknace said...

nak wat camner kan
nasib, nasib

.BUNGA. said...

gurl-u sound like u r the teacher and i'm the one who participated-ngeeee... ;D

cikgu pulak yg melebey2...

hohohoho-ya ya-next year.but things will never be the same-again... ;(

.BUNGA. said...

mknace-nasib tuh satu hal (taaqdir kan?) tapi kegeraman itu still aderr...waaaaaaaa... ;(