Love Remain Unspoken-But Felt

I love this movie. Yasmin Ahmad’s touch so far has never failed me. I just love the way she evokes the spirit of love in the air and let the audience dwelling with their own interpretation of emotion.

I love it. Enough said.

“If you want me to stop seeing her, I will. I will stop seeing her. But you must teach my heart to forget her. Because my heart doesn’t know how to forget her….”



Anonymous said...

Eeeee, best tak? Nak tengok gak. Tp kat BP Mall hari tu xde pun

.BUNGA. said...

the story is quite draggy... but itso sweeeeeetttt laaarrrrr... ;)

owh i tgk kat summit-tempat lain xder-mengong betol la...

best best! ;)

suezensuzanna said...

erm..x sempat nk tgk lagi...huhu

.BUNGA. said...

go and watch it!

it worth every penny! ;)