Understanding Stupidity

First of all, this is my blog. And since this is my territory, I can write whatever I want, call people names with whatever names I please to call, and I can do whole load shits thing here in my blog as I wish.

I think I am generous and kind enough to make ‘you’ still in the list. So, if you have an issue, please say it right to my face.
p/s: understanding stupidity
--owhhhh anda anda si gojes/kachak i sekalian,kan tak pasal pasal u guys pun turut terbaca entri nehh-i tak marah u guys yeee (oO-,) meh meh i hugs u guys meh meh--



Asyraf Arif said...

mcm sonok jep kan sambutan hari guru taon neh..
acap da kuar skowl laa..
byk sehh adiah dpt..

Cik Puan Bunga said...

hay babehhh... sila jeles ahh-hahahaha

i kan chekgu kesayangan ramai pfttt!