The Move !

It's only a tingling sensation happen so frequently in your tummy. Or a thumppp thummmpp thing responding to your words or every pat you make on your stomach.

but those things send me to a crazy state !!!

knowing that my lil'one is doing fine inside, that he/she developing accordingly, and everything is good so far.


p/s : pray for me friends!


senioritasara said... happy for u!

.BUNGA. said...

thanks saraaaahhh! =_+

Anak Pak Rahman said...

ouhhhh coolnyeeee..

s.u.e.m.r.f said...

congrats kak!

.BUNGA. said...

anak pak rahman : =_=

sue : thanks babe... ;))

Nadia Bayu said...

babe. congratsssss.

bestnyekkkk!! :)

nadxoxo said...

congrats puan bunga!! besnye rasa baby gerak2~

.BUNGA. said...

nadia : thanks. mmg best! wuuhuuu!

nadxoxo : tak lah gerak, cuma lebih kepada denyut2 manja ala ala menggeletek geletek... coz dia baru 4 months and a half.... huuhuhu!!~

~mrs azmi~ said...

wah! start to counting days ye... tahniah!

.BUNGA. said...

time kaseyyyy! ;)