Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The First Is Always The Toughest


This is going to be tough. Starting all over again is really challenging. Now I understand how Dhiey felt when she first removed herself from her first blog. Hurt, eh Dhiey? Tears lolling down my cheeks. Some perverts are spying on my blog which I considered as really confidential and restricted.
At first, I’m not really sure how this blog is going to operate and I feel secured and confident to write anything I wanted to. But, apart from the social problems that rapidly emerged due to the words and thoughts that I've transformed into written pieces, I have and I really need to change my blog. It means that only selected peoples are able to view this blog and be patient for those peoples, okay? Soon I will list down all the names that I trusted most and for the sake of my blog confidentiality, this blog will only be viewed by those I chose.

Sorry for not quite being myself lately.

For the past few post of my blog, it was not really me who wrote that.

My Apology.

If killing is not a crime, I probably going out there and hunt peoples down to their knees. Really frustrating and heart wrenching to acknowledge those peoples yang tak reti nak menghormati hak asasi sesama manusia. I don’t know why!


Geram sangat!

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