Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm On The Stage (Full Of Honour)

25th of August 2007. 4 years of hardship.
Notice that I sker sgt used the word ‘hardship’ kan. It’s really meaningful to me. The person who introduced this word to me is Encik Hafizal (officially nyer…). Really means a lot to me.

Belajar selama 4 tahun untuk mendapatkan segulung Ijazah bukan mudah. You have no idea how tough it is to survive life in University. You will be tested emotionally, mentally and physically. UPM have taught me a lot of things and some of it are better left unsaid.

TESL Batch 2003/2007 is the batch that will be remembered for all the times. It has its own legion and legacy. Notoriously known for everything. Good and bad. Well, not to mention that I’m just a sidekick of the whole bunch of excellent educators and academicians going-to-be. But I’m proud to be part of it.

4 years that have taught me what life is supposed to be. It will go by the road not that we wanted it to be, but what it meant to be. Never expected victory comes from out of the thin air. You have to earn it. Grab it. Seek those opportunities that will not come easily by just standing at the corner of hope and dream. Wake up,babe! You have to move your ass to chase your dream. (Quite a big words huh?)

Thanxs to my roommate Hai, my buddies (this means all the peoples in TESL 2003/2007). You are really great and it’s really an honour to work with you guys.

Not to forget, Mr.Sham a.k.a KETET for always being my best friend and my punch bag. All the punches, pokes, pinches and everything are actually bringing us closed together. You are the first soul I met the very first day I stepped on the sacred UPM ground and with a simple ‘Hi’ we became friend. It’s pretty amazing how life circulation would bring our stories related to each other. Thanks to all.

Hai : Thanks for everything. I’m not such a good friend and I did really badly during those days. I screwed up a lot and ended up regretting myself. I’m sorry caused I’m the one who broke your happiness with him. I can’t hold it really tight. I teased u a lot and sometimes I mocked you in front of others. Those memories are the precious and priceless things that I will always treasure. Thanks, babe.

Niza: You are the best!!!


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