Thursday, August 16, 2007

I’ve Been on His Wedding

He was so handsome he catches the attention from all eyes. He smiled to me as if it was the happiest moment in his life. In his blue ‘baju pengantin’ he walked gracefully to me with the smile that still on his face. I can tell that he was in his utmost happiness. I looked everywhere. Peoples were busy doing their jobs. Some of them were busy preparing the feast; some of them busy attending the guests, preparing for the bridal dais, foods and beverages for the feast. They were all running errands.
I stood there, still watching him. I knew that he was so happy. I wanted to get to him but I just couldn’t. My feet were like been stick on glue or something. It just couldn’t move. I felt happy for him but the feeling inside me was just indescribable. Sad, sense of loses, happy. All been blended together. He turned his head facing me. He smiled.

“Am I looking good?”
“Yeah… absolutely… you are the most handsome bridegroom I’ve ever seen.”
He smiled cheerfully. He walked to me and he standing still right in front of my eyes.
“I’m so happy…”
“I know…”
Tears were on my cheeks and he wiped it out.
“I’m appreciating this. I’m going to divorce her, but I don’t know when. Maybe, after she gives birth to the new member of the family. You just have to wait. Okay?”
He hugged me. I cried unstoppably. I knew that less than 2 hours from that moment I’m going to lose him. Forever.
He is going to be married and there is nothing I can do to change the fate.
“Can you cancel it all? Can you marry me? Change the bride? Tell the Tok Kadi that I’m the one who is going to marry you? Not her? Can you? Can you do something about this?”
I cried hysterically. He shook his head, slowly.
“It’s too late,sayang. It’s just too late…”
At that moment I can feel my heart was broken into thousand pieces. I hugged him really tight and then I collapsed. I can’t see anything. Dark. I heard only noises and then it faded away. Then everything went black.


With a burst of tears I woke up. I looked everything around me with an empty feeling. I looked at the time and it was 6.45 in the morning. I wiped the tears that wet my face then I reached my handphone. With a trembling hand I wrote him a message”

“ I had an awful nightmare. You are going to be married. You leave me without intention and you said that it was too late. I love you so much and I’m begging you, don’t leave me!!”

Within a second he called me.

“Honey it was just a dream…” he said soothingly.
I can’t say anything. Still traumatized from the nightmare all I can do was just crying.
“Listen here. I love you so much and I will never leave you. You are the one for me and you are my girl. Through every laughter and tears. I’m going to marry you n the date that we have promised,okay? Don’tcry, sweetie. It’s gonna be alright. I wanna go to work okay, babe? You take care. I love you…”

I said nothing. I cried. Really hard.

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rasso said...

leh plak mimpi tahap macam tu.. ni kes darah manis nie :D