Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Road To The Future


A person from Cambridge Education For Life called me yesterday. She said she has already viewed my CV for a couple of times and decided that I’m qualified enough to be short listed for the post of the part time teacher. So she arranged an appointment for me next Monday 12pm at CEFL Subang. “It a test for your teaching proficiency. More like a mock teaching. We select only for those people who really can teach.”
Yeah, like I care!

Frankly speaking, I’m not so much into private education. I don’t know why. It’s a part of educational system too, but I just can’t really work in that circulation. I want to serve for the government. Haha…what a noble ambition. Some of my friends are working there as a teacher, educator, ad some of them find this job really suits them. A big hand for them.

As for me, I rather sit back and enjoy the serenity that I’m living in now. My dedication goes to the teaching in government school. I want to teach those students who really needs me. They are more appreciative than others. We might find that there is a major gap between those who really want to learn with those who have the ability to learn but they mess up much with the teacher.

This is the scenario that always happens when we teach high level students. Some said that teaching high level students may require the teacher to be more assertive, attentive, focus on what they are going to teach, the gist of their teaching, methodology and approach and many more. Well, that quite true. But, who the hell is going to focus on sub-urban or maybe students that come from remote areas if we are paying too much attention to the urban students? They need us more than anybody else does. And here my ambition lies. I wish I could teach my hometown kids. They need a teacher that really focusing on them. Not just teaching them for granted.

Maybe the pay is the major issues. How much money will you make when you work for the government? Compared to the private schooling, it is far from satisfaction. Well, basically, I don’t care although my shopping list does. It’s about the self actualization that I’m going to achieve once I realized how noble it is to teach those students. The appreciation is the important thing. The money is talking, yeah; I do understand living in a world of grand and jewels. But peoples, it is my decision.

So, good bye to the CEFL~ I’m just not cut off to be one of your dedicated staff. Maybe I’m not too good to be one of your staff. I’m just a mediocre future English teacher, who thinks that true satisfaction comes from a great sacrifice. Teacher is like a candle: it is an old saying but as for me I’m willing to be that candle. Think about life in hereafter, it is way too enormous. Alhamdulillah.

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