Sunday, September 2, 2007

And He Is Taken


Have you ever try to put yourself in an ugly girl shoes? Have you understood how her feeling is? Well, I definitely did because I am the ugly girl that we are talking about. Yup. I’m not beautiful. I don’t have those attractive senses that could pull man’s legs and crawling over me. Men usually will not look twice upon me. They only did if they see something funny on me. Maybe my makeup, my outfits, and the way I walked, the way I turn my head. I’m not superbly gorgeous and I don’t have anyone to blame on. Poor me…

8 years back, I’m only sixteen and the level of adrenalin inside the body of a teenage is way too high. I want to be loved and love somebody. Regardless the fact that I’m just an ugly duckling I kept on trying and to no avail. It was really frustrating yet embarrassing when I think back on those days. Chasing over guys and fighting for some jerks too. Goshhh.. I didn’t realize how stupid I was. Until the 15th of March 1999…the most unforgettable day in my life.

If human look can be counted in the most beautiful and serene scenery ever exists in this world, I think he definitely won this. He was so fresh, gorgeous, handsome :who is he? Standing at the corner of the grocery shop, he was so peaceful. His eyes were talking and his lips seemed calling out my name. I felt numb. Seriously. I was on my way home after school and seeing such scenery made me melt. Hmmmm…. I sighed. With such a super-face, I don’t think that he is available. He must be taken. I bet that. But, he is worth of trying. Nothing to loose, aite?

I don’t think that I can get him. We just like a heaven and earth. Everything seems so impossible. Too good to be true. He is so fine and I’m everything but pretty…. (--.)

8 years after that, I’m totally right. The handsome and gorgeous man that I was once drooling about is now taken. He is no longer available. He is now become such a gentleman. Sometimes I wander if he is an angel cleverly disguised in a human form. Yeahh, he is now with me. Mine. My man. As I said before, he is worth of trying! =)

:: AN ugly duckling I was once, and now I am a graceful swan.. . ::

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