Monday, September 17, 2007

Blessing From Above


Today I am so excited!
Damn excited… Hihi…
Really lar… I never feel so happy like I am today. Mr.Ibtisam gets his dream job at our hometown. The pay is okay (although it is a little bit less than we expected) but still it enough to pay for the car, shopping, and saving a little for our future.

He called me early this morning with his easy breezy jolly voice and my hunch just told me that something good has happened. And I was right when he told me about the good news!!!

This 1st of October he will work as a Personal Loan Executive at Malaysian Building Society Berhad (MBSB) one of the largest financial exempt institution in Malaysia that offers property and wealth management as well as providing miscellaneous kind of loans. A reputable and well established financial institution and your position is enormous! (I am a little bit exaggerating here… Huhu...) I am just happy with you, babe.

So after this, kumpul duit banyak2,k?...

Congratulations honey…
It’s a blessing from above.

:: as like you said “Have faith in Allah” ::

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