Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Understanding Stupidity


Stupidity comes with many terms. Terms such as fool, half-wit and many more. Sometimes, we did come up with our own term of stupidity. It is miscellaneous. But one thing for sure, stupidity is the incapability of human being to use the brain in certain situation and sometimes the incapability is by intentional reasons. The kind of stupid that I’m talking right now is not the kind of inborn stupid. Have you ever heard of nature versus nurture? Well, in both conditions stupidity can be develop. But it’s not what I meant. Here, I want to talk about the ‘stupid’ which is purposely done.

Forrest Gump says’ Stupid as stupid does’. Stupid relies on the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes peoples tend to act stupid although they did realize how stupid they may look when they act stupid. They did things without reasons. Just to show how stupid they are. It is a pity, right? Seeing those peoples with high level of academic achievement yet they choose to be a moron. Usually, peoples like this, they basically needs help. A professional helps to guide them to understand the living nature. Why they exist, why certain things happened this way, why peoples have to be this way. They have the brain, only they didn’t know the exact way to use it or they pretending like they don’t have one.

We should care for those peoples because they need our love and attention. They may become a danger threat towards the society if they are not be given necessary care and help. So we as the caring and loving Malaysian, lets together hand in hand, help them to become a good human being. We should always keep our eyes on them for they may hurt themselves by their stupidity. So here, our role as a big heart citizen is definitely needed.

Let’s help them. They just ‘stupid’. They don’t know a thing.

(How many stupid word I used?)

:: Am I sarcasm enough? Need more? =) ::

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