Friday, September 7, 2007

Why You Have To Fear, When I Comes Too Near?


Each time they meet their friends, they will be talking about ME. My styles, my outfits, my handbags, my shoes, my make ups and everything that comes with me. My skin tone, my body weight, my boyfriend, my friends, my foes… ooo they just can’t stop talking and gossiping about ME. They wanted to know everything about me, they digging up stories and if they couldn’t they will create one big juicy story about ME. That is what they do usually when my name comes to their mind. They just can’t avoid me because I’m irresistible.
Things that they will be talking about me are:
(1) My boyfriend~ this will usually comes first among of all. 8 years and it will still be the same. Same stories, same gossips, they will spice it up a little and sometimes will go over the line.
(2) My family~ everything that happened in my family will be discussed under the topic ‘what are their latest happening events?’ I live a life of a celeb!
(3) My finance~ they will die in grudge when they see my saving account. Full stop. End of the story.
(4) My car~”She is not working, how come she owned a car!! That must be a scandal!!” what is a big deal about that? Don’t make such a big fuss about that. Look at yourself! Hey, you are not married, how come you could have a baby? ~Nahhh… who wants to answer that??!
(5) My Degree~ “Is she already finished her study?” “Got what class of degree aaa?”. Phewww! Again.. I live a life of a celeb!
(6) My Life History~ Stories since I was a little kid until my recent age, they will be talking about this unstoppably. Never-ending. My stories are ever green. Should I be proud of that? Again, they will spice it up… Goreng pon sodapppp!

There you go. A bunch of peoples can’t stop but talking about ME. They just love ME. They adore ME so much. Without ME to light up their lives, they will become dull and boring. Thanks to ME. In fact, they wanted to be ME, but they just couldn’t. So, I will leave them in envy, hatred arouse and envelop them for the rest of their life, while they busy talking and saying things about ME, I will navigate my own life in a solemn happiness.
Keep talking peoples. You can’t change anything.

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