Thursday, September 6, 2007

Words Between The Lies


Ibtisam initiates the talk yesterday with a very simple question. A simple one yet struck me to a massive numb.

Ibtisam: Have you ever lied to someone?

Me: (paused for a moment) ….I think I did it sometimes…

Ibtisam: Why must you lie? You did it purposely?

Me: It’s a white lie. I did it for the sake of everyone. Well, I’m not doing it freely. It’s basically depending on the reason.

Ibtisam: A lie is a lie. There is no such term as a white lie. Think about the person you lied. Aren’t they feel so much pain when they know the truth? They must have loose their trust on you.

Me: They don’t have to know that I lied to them. If they know the truth, that will hurt them deeply. (My facial expression started to turn red. Ibtisam really put me in a hot conversation with him)

So you mean that, you lied because you wanted to save yourself from a deadly occasion? Aren’t that selfish?

Me: stop digging me! You’re acting like you have not ever lie in your entire life!!

Ibtisam: That is because I haven’t lie to anybody. I’m giving excuses but not lying. Hard to believe?

Me: Yeahhh…damn hard to believe..!

Ibtisam: How many times that you ended up crying when you asked me something? How many times did I fight with my friends when they wanted to know something from me? Have I ever escaped from trouble each time I tell the truth? Can you tell me when did I say to you that you are not fat when the fact is you’ve got a bump on your tummy? You cried. My friends hurt. I did hurt. But I rather be hurt and hurt someone for them to know the truth rather than saying lies to them, and to you. Because telling the truth makes us stronger and ready to face any kind of consequences without having any fear. You are going to be a teacher and a teacher should not lie, because kids trust you. They see you as their light. No matter how small your lie might be, don’t go for it.

Me: (speechless….)

:: ask yourself, have you ever going through one day without ever telling a single lie? =) *wink~wink* ::


nextmeia said...

hyatt, hehehe... terasa gak ni. dhiey pun bohong sebab nak jaga hati org sekeliling... ermm, white lie... memang tak boley eh? (^_^)

Cik Puan Bunga said...

aiyahhh...yat pon pernah jugak...
almost everytime when i want to take care of the heart of others...