Monday, October 15, 2007

Dream Comes True (^^,)


I will make this short.
Really short and precise without losing its main content.
What I’m going to tell is like moon falling onto my lap.
And with warmest great of honor I would like to share this with you guys.

I’ve checked the MOE website and guess what, I’ve made it!!
I did pass the killing interview of becoming the next great teacher of Malaysia and my placement would be around JOHOR!!!!
Wouldn’t it great??!
Praise to Allah.
I don’t have any idea yet where I might be posted to but still for sure it will be in JOHOR, my greatest place… =)
The result of the school placement will only be revealed this coming 18th of October, so until that very day I just have to wait and pray patiently… hopefully I will get somewhere around Batu pahat.

I can’t wait…
I have to report duty on 1st of November 2007.
Owwhh… it’s just around the corner.
My heart thumping, all my nerves are kicking in, butterflies in my stomach…
Phewww… guys, you don’t have any idea how nervous I am waiting for that day.
Questions are haunting my mind.
What kind of teacher I might be?
Do the students will love me?
Will I make it through?
Will I survive this war?
Will I be ‘the’ teacher?
Will I make any different?
Will I be their inspiration?
Omg… here I am…
I don’t want to be just ‘a’ teacher…
Ya Allah, give me strength to be ‘the’ teacher…


18th of October…. (berdebar…)

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