Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gorgeous Houses!!! (Shit It Ain't Mine!)


This morning I was accompanying En.Ibtisam went to the site. Chewah.. kunun2 lar using the big word but not coming from my term. Haha… ‘Site’.

Site here means the show houses which are located at BCB Banang Country Heights and Golf Club. It is a place where those rich peoples live. He was assigned to handle and to prove a case of a loaner who wanted to do a housing loan. So he basically has to go to the site named by the loaner, check the house placement, price rates, and the condition of the house as well as the profit input from the deal. It was a Saturday morning, man! This is the first week he works and yet he has already being assigned! Boring tau!
So there we were, early this morning we were already at the site.

At first, I was whining about the whole things. The sun, the traffic (which I didn’t know exactly what the cause was this maniac traffic!) and some other things. I pulled my sulky face. We are supposed to go for a movie, but then we have to cancel it because of this shit!! Benci! Poor him. He had to ‘tahan’ everything, and still smiling.

Sampai je kat show houses tu, we gave our name, then we entered the first show house and I was like totally numb!

* pictures adalah ditahap bongok krn kadar upload yg cam escargot so i hv to resize it!!*

It was damn beautiful!!
Fucking awesome!
The i.d was superb!!!
The colors were perfect!!!

Whoaaa… I’ve never been to any show houses before. This was my first time and I was like ‘jakun’ a little bit.
Giler chantekkkk sgt2!!
The house got 3 phase tau.
Single storey, double and triple.
Semua chantek2 and the price rates mmg gile2 affordable. Starting from 100k and above (ikut specification of the house and also the i.d)
Tapi mmg berbaloi la beli rumah2 tu.. Elegant and stylish!

I ventured from room to room, house to house and rasa mcm taknak balik pulak.
The lawn that connected each house tu sgt modern look, ciri2 moden kontemporari mmg sgt2 ditekankan. And what I liked most is every house tu full of cermin. Mirrors are everywhere!! Not to mention lagi yg bedroom nya sgt best! Classic style with a bit of modern touch.

Merengek2 mintak en.ibtisam beli rumah yg mcm tu. He was just smiling.
Insyaallah..he said..owhh.. it would be just amazing kalau sy dapat that house…

I would probably be awaked every night admiring my living room.

Who knows kan yg maybe one day saya akan dapat rumah yg mcm tu..
Rezeki Allah…
Berkobar2 rasa nak saving more $$$.

Hampir 2 jam berlegar2, and en.ibtisam pun dah siapkan keje and took down every detail which is needed in his report, then we took off.
Jalan2 kat The Summit Parade and BP Mall.
Teman en.ibtisam shopping dia punya kemeja for work, then saya pegi salon jap..(wahhh…memanjakan diri…) seeing my beautician to check on my skin (alhamdulillah…its getting better by the day..)
Ader pulak produk baru…new arrival.. the price mmg crazy but he said its 1..hoho…spray for facial skin… skin yg prone to blemish and blackheads… nak chantek punya pasal..whatever la..
Phewww…penat sgt~

:: after berbuka terbongkang kepenatan..apa jd dgn terawikh mlm nih~lalala...::

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