Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Me And Your Hatred

Peoples always easily jump into conclusion without even use their brain to think.
They simple swirl and twirl the straight fact and truth that lies in front of their eyes and make it into a very massive deception. An innocent people will be the major victim.

I have never wanted to navigate my life definitely like the life that I am living now. .
I simply took this as a test for me from The All mighty. Who do we think we are to question every single thing that Allah has already assigned us to be? Not everything that happened is questionable. Sometimes we have to learn to accept the fact and live with that for the rest of our life.

Sometimes I really felt like I want to burst into tears. This burden being thrust upon my chest is too torturing. The moment I thought that I can’t hold it any loner, Allah gave me strength and patience to endure the pain. Allah is the All mighty.

Peoples always wanted to know everything about me.
And when they do, it hurts me so much.
I have no privacy at all. I’m being disturbed and up to a stage where they became wild and they will do anything just to make sure that I’m suffering from their actions. How cruel human could be and how dark the con of human… (Astaghfirullah…)

I have been whining and fussing about this all the time.
9 years… and it’s still ongoing…

Forgive me for being me…
For my presence in this world…
Question me with all those lies…
And with the name of Allah, I will still rise…

And this is the answer for the BIG question that peoples always ask me:

“Yes, his family still rejects me. My status doesn’t compatible with his. For ages you have been trying to keep us separated, and for ages too Allah has keep us together. This bond will last forever… InsyaAllah…”

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