Thursday, October 25, 2007

Surat Keramat

Still in a sleepy mode~

Suddenly an audible sound of roaring engine came to my ears.
What is that?
In this half-awake state of mind I can’t really tell what would that sound actually be, but it seems so familiar…


Aiyakkkk!!! Bunyik motor Postman larr…!!

With a full speed of a race horse (still with pajamas) I ran to the front house, with both hands erected straight to reach the letter-box and I stumbled to see that there was actually nothing in my letter-box.

Disappointed, I took a deep sigh. Only a moment before I realized a white envelope being folded together in my letter-box! With a single glance, no one could actually notice that actually it was a letter because it is so small, stuffed into my letter box.. (hampeh ko en.posmen…)

Shakingly, I took the letter and read the name on the envelop…


Norhayati Binti Isnin
NO.14 Kampung Parit Banyumas,
Parit Yaani
83710 Yong Peng,

I opened the letter…

……dengan segala hormatnya tuan/puan telah ditempatkan sebagai Guru Siswazah sandaran Terlatih ke Negeri Johor mulai 1 November 2007. penempatan sekolah tuan/puan akan dimaklumkan semasa tuan/puan melaporkan diri…

Then everything went black… I passed out….