Monday, November 5, 2007

Does vampire Exists?

Being one of the horror movies fan makes me a little bit awkward when sitting down watching other genres of movie. Kind of weird when I think about how strange it is suppose to look like when a sweet girl like me_ehem2..hehe.. loves to watch those 18SG and 18PL stuffs.

I just watched ’30 Days of Night’ this evening with my beloved munchkin. I should give a standing ovation to the director of this movie (stupid, I forgot whats his name!) not only for the genius presentation of the movie but also for the message that being carried along the movie. Suspense and thrilled, I should say.

Somehow, one of the lines from the movie, said by one of the vampires really makes me think in depth. He said… “For centuries we have made them to believe that we (vampires) are only a bad dream…” kind of spooky when I think about this line over and over again.~huuuuu… the question is do they really exists? If they do, are they still lurking and roaming the world of living human? Are they really blood thirsty creatures and will kill for satisfying their needs? Because, almost in every movie of the vampires, they have been portrayed quite in the very same damn way. They have several qualities of physical and personality traits such as : sharp teeth, dark eyes without pupils, pale face, blood sucker, sensitive to sun ray (in fact that is the major threat for them), only can be killed in either executed or stabbed right through the heart, powerful, strong, fast and mortal, and always speaks in an ancient language : biblical language perhaps?~I don’t know.

_to be honest, I’m afraid and a little bit paranoid towards the peoples around me. If they really exist, could it be, the one who sitting next to us right now, or the one that is so dear to us, is actually one of them?

Dear God~

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