Friday, November 9, 2007

Making The First Impression

(me..looking thoughful...haahhhaaahhhaaaa....)


It’s Friday today and tomorrow starts the heavenly weekend!!

Yeayyy! Since I started working weekend is the day that I’ve been waiting along the week. Normally, teachers will not be disturbed during weekend. We only have to come to school on weekend if there’s anything important or any special occasion being done at school.

Now, I’m just trying really hard to fit in.
To make myself feel as comfortable as I could.
I have set the highest par of my achievement that has to be fulfilled. I’m working to better my skills on teaching English and learning several things regarding the administrative deals also. Well, I need to be fully equipped to fit in. I don’t want to be called as a whiner-princess/cry baby and all that. A teacher is not only to teach. Teacher can be a motivator, a facilitator and many more.

Next week is a crucial week for us, the new comers especially for me. I’ve been appointed to be the leader (for the English Dept.) for the ‘Minggu Seminar Persediaan PMR 2008 anjuran Panitia Bahasa/sains/Matematik’ in my school. The participants are the form two students who are going to sit for the PMR next year. It’s like the ice-breaking for them so they can be prepared for the big examination in year to come. Phewww~my icy hands trembling badly when the Ketua Panitia Sains/Matematik assigned me to take the responsibility. There was no excuse for me to say ‘NO’. well, come on Hyatt!~you can do it! And if you are really put your heart thoroughly in it, you can do it better! (ooh, I’m motivating myself…)

This weekend which is supposed to be my holiday, turn out to be my lets-doing-a research-to making good impression kind of week. I laughed a little. Well, that’s the true reality in the world of working. Unexpected works will just popping out right in front of your nose and you have to do it whether you want it or not. As for me, this is a good start for me. An essential exposure for me to be more responsible. Well, lets us wait and see what will happen next week.

Me? What else…
Prepare…. =)

:: first impression usually turn out to be a nightmare…::

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