Saturday, November 3, 2007


Salam_ sgt penat..

Hari nih got lot of things to settle down… after habis waktu sekolah, pg jalan2 dgn Nik~ showing Nik around how great Batu Pahat is cum his tourist guide. ^Nik bengong^ all eyes are looking at us coz we were liked a young couple baru balik dari nikah. Nik dgn baju melayu lengkap dgn samping and me+baju kurung. Kikiki_ lepas tension. Jalan2 dengan riang gembira.

J-Lo Fragrance EDP+davidoff deodorant+J-Lo Body Lotion~stuffs to die for!

J_Lo Fragrance: Live Luxe

Frustrated yet so tiring is the major issue that caused me spent over almost RM300 to buy a new fragrance to entertain myself.

J_Lo new fragrance: Live Luxe~ it’s so sowweeeeettttt!

It’s smell like a candy~ so refreshing and seducing too. (Quote: Nik)
I went out for shopping with Nik and he said that it is a wise decision when I agreed to buy it. He loved the smell (giving out opinion as the opposite sex).
Well, thanks Nik!! _pasnih bleh melaram dgn perfume baru... =b

So, there goes my 3o0 week diet.budget dah lari...
Shopping is really a good therapy for women, especially.
Money does the talk and when you’re down and need something to mend your broken heart~ grab the nearest arms of a man : preferably with a strong relation with you (Nik adalah terkecuali…Hihi) and use him as your mobile ATM. You load the stuffs, he pays the bills. Haha…
Thanxs Nik =) gentleman sungguh Nik.tolong bwkkan beg lagik~jgn marah kpd gf Nik.
Dahlah ensem+budiman pulak tuh.. Huhu (kembang la kau Nik...)
yeayyyy...puas hati dapat shopping!!!

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