Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Teacher Chantekkk...~

Well, the title above seems soooo quirk, right? Haha… I never thought that I could ever hear that been said to me. I mean, hello… are you having a sight problem?

It has been said that children will never tell a lie. What they have said is what they are actually meant. But could that old saying been used in nowadays? Just look around. Kids are more advanced than some of us. Tricks and lies are all in their pockets. That’s why when they said that to me, I was like ‘are you crazy?’_what do you want?_stop playing fool!

When I was conducting a seminar this afternoon, eyes were on me. I heard they said things about me. Some of it are way too nice to be heard. I was pretending like I didn’t hear it at all. The seminar went on smoothly. In that very short one hour I already got a broad picture of what is the difficulty that they’re facing on in learning English. Strategies and ways to overcome it are already been sketched in my mind. It’s not too late to help them.

Kids are so entertaining, it’s just we, as the teacher, we really have to tackle their heart first for the learning to be done. As I told them, “there are no impossibilities in this world. Mistakes only makes you better.” Little nods showed that the message has been transferred. Oo, I just love their angelic faces. I must say that teaching is really suits me well.

Before I ended my speech, I took a great look at them. I can see their hopes and dreams to be someone (regardless the fact that some of them are extremely way too hard to handle) are pictured on their serene faces. That scenery was really inspiring me to be a great teacher. I smiled. I know that I have contributed something for them today.

Mission has accomplished.