Saturday, November 3, 2007



3 days of working… (see…even Saturday pon we have to come to school. Got a lot of activities to be attend to and don’t even think of escaping!~)

We have known our school. 40% completed.

The new comers (Me, oat, kak tim and Nik) are actually can really make a good team. Seriously, they have their own qualities to be a great teacher.

But still_ no matter where you are working~ you will find those kinds of peoples who are actually damaging and killing your soul until your spirit is weary. These peoples~ we named them ‘VIRUSES” are very lethal and if precautions are not taking place, the consequences might be fatal.

This group of teachers will not see anything in you but your mistakes.
It’s like they are paid to do so.
They’ll be lurking around you to see your downfall.
They’ll be juggling your spirits until you loose.
They’ll be pretending to be so much helping but they’ll stab you at the back.
So_ beware!

Obstacles in working will come in what may and I have to admit that sometimes it can haunt you for ages. But please_for those who thinks that they are good enough to take control over other peoples, if they happen to pick on me_ well; they are messing with the wrong people.

I ain’t like others, babe.
I’m the one of a kind.

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