Saturday, December 1, 2007


FRIDAY 30th November 2007.

We all four sit silently. Everyone seemed in a deep tense. The sound of whipping fan was clearly heard.
I took a single glanced on Nik. It was easily to tell that he was in a deep sorrow. When my eyes met his, a sense of pity tragically overwhelming me. I couldn’t bear this any longer.

“Nik, don’t take this personally…” I said. Almost unheard.
He nodded with a little smile on his face.
I looked at Tim and oat. They were totally ignoring the coming of remorse essence that somehow made me suffocated. This was really torturing me.

Pity Nik.
He was being emotionally killed today.
He was lethally blamed and right now he was totally loosing his strength…


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