Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey Shoppers!!


My new obsession_ online shopping!!!
I’m so addicted to it! I could possibly spent 4-5 hours surfing the net, going to one online store to another and ended up buying loads of things!_ OMG!

Money is not the main issue here but the urge and tendency to buy is way to worrying! I mean, compare to our usual visit to the store in real life, online shopping is much more fascinating and fun too! The price is negotiable and the satisfaction is unquestionable.

And one other thing is my obsession on buying replica things such as AAA replica of branded handbags. Recently I spent over RM650 just to buy one voluptuous LV Neo Cabby MM handbags!! Well compared to the original stuff (which I don’t think that I can afford it_obviously) the replica is not bad too. The quality is 90-95% near perfection. Phewww….

Hmmm… this is have to be stopped.. Or else I will have a short on my saving…


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