Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NO WORRIES… (I Wish….)


Sejuk dan menjadi pasif.
I’m still tired because of the long and busy day today.
(Went to Maybank, KWSP, in short, I’m running errands today…)

Banyak benda yg I worry sangat2, and I hope that I can manage it well.


Oh yes… these days hujan turun dengan extremely heavy and this may lead to a huge flood. Poor my parents, we just finished renovated my house and if there is another flood coming, again, it will cause much looses.
Me too. Baru nak start school for next year and kalau banjir one more time~ this gonna be a total disaster…. Hmmm…
Hope everything will be fine… :(


Takmoh cakap pasal saving yg dah semakin susut!!!
Serves me right! Sapa suruh shopping tak ingat dunia_angka dalam akaun makin berkurangan digitnya!!!! ~ just patiently waiting for my payday.


Coursework banyak lagi yg tak settle. Kena buat satu2… rasa tak sabar juga nak meet with my students and get back to my core business. Hihi… rasa takot pun ade jugak.. what if~ my students are very notty? Takmau dgr cakap mcm I dulu during my school days? _ngeeeee…


With the increasing number of my age and him also, we better start off to think to take another step. And we did seriously discuss about this. Now, we only have to wait for our parents’ approval_seriously I sgt takot… :(
What if… (too many what if laaa!!)

Hmmm. Kena sort out one by one…
Baru kepala tak pening…

:: Hyatt yg selalu headache…::

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