Saturday, December 15, 2007

Words Are Sharper Than Swords


Human is so wicked yet weird. Chasing over impossible perfection, craving for endless wealthy and so forth, human never learned the word ‘satisfaction’. Well, for some reason, it is a necessity for human to be unsatisfied. Examples: in learning, practicing religion laws, doing good deeds and all. But if it is too much, ignoring the do’s and don’ts in human nature, then you can be called with thousand of bad names.

One disgusting trait of human in, they can’t take criticism although they criticizes a lot. They freely talk about others, condemning and fussing about whole lot of thongs, but when it comes to their own face, they can’t take it. They take it so personally (with a lot of anger and emotions, of course) and the best part is, they easily loose their temper. (owhh..time kau bercakap pasal org bleh plak!! Banyak chantek muka kau!!)

Human is so questionable. You will never know.
Sometimes, with just a simple word, you can change a person’s life.
That’s why, there’s and old saying says ‘word is thicker than sword..’

Then guys, when you talk, think about the person that might hear your words.
When you criticize, be prepared of being critiqued.
What you give, you simple can get it back. Or worst than that.

Tata for now…

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