Saturday, January 26, 2008

Neither... :)


A word can change a human.
I’m definitely agree with dat. How can a human be so stubborn and truth denial, while the tremendous downfall is actually foreseen? I will never know.

Sometimes (actually, most of the time…) I took a deep breath and try to recollect every single missing piece in my mind. Took it one by one, try to replace it and try to get back in the picture, what our life is supposed to mean. And guess what, each time failure waves his hand.
Again, I will never know.

I’m neither a good person nor a bad creature.
I’ve made mistakes and I did something good too.
Still, I’ve being judgmental.
This IS WRONG, THAT IS NOT RIGHT… Bla…bla… bla…
Until when does this thing have to last?

~I’m a sinner… and I never been tired of repented…
Why peoples are damn afraid to admit that they are wrong?
Come again?

Never been so thankful and yet demanding a moon to fall on your lap!
You wish,babe… you wish…

:: me has spoken? When will be your turn? ::


:: i dun care where i am, im still wanna look cute!! hihi.. ::

Hye~ I’m quite busy lately. No time to update. Huhu… Busy with loads of works~ Cehh.. sekarang sudah pandai nak bising2... J
Today, my school organized a special run (actually, it’s more to road riley...) called ‘Run for Nature’. Students being divided into categories and they have to run for about 3-5 kilometers.
So, this princess_teacher punya tugas adalah untuk menjaga check point 6.
Yeayy… suke sebab dpt jaga check point dgn oat… hihi…

Kesian pulak tengok my students yg cinonet2 lari dgn penuh perasaan (because nak contribute point kat rumah sukan…) and yg those senioritas2 pulak, daintily walking and chit chatting, langsung tak ambik kisah!! Geram! Poyo~budget bagus pulak…(cikgu sudah marah…)

My job in check point 6 is to make sure that they run accordingly. This means that they have to follow the right trail and at check point 6 they have to get the ‘compulsory’ stuff (gelang getah…) as a token (which they have to show it at the finishing line). Senang je kerja saya… J

It was really tiring. Imagine, I have to walk for almost 7 kilometers, carrying luggage and all stuffs (tapi still control cun lagi…hahaaa…) I was lucky enough because some students were willing to help me, accompanying me and kept me feeling good (walaupun dlm hutan tu, sgtlah tak beshmyer!)

And the overall winner for today’s activity is of course-Team Helang!!!!
Helang dimana?
Helang di siniiiii….

:: Cikgu pula lebih2.... ::

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Best


I’m doing good and feeling great.
As time passes by, I’m slowly adapting with my new life here, I mean, world of working.
T is not as heavenly as it may sound, but somehow it teaches me more than anything in this world.
I learn how to be more responsible, more responsive to the necessity of life, and other things that matter.

Alhamdulillah… :)

Kids, they are miscellaneous.
Sometimes they can play nice and sometimes the trouble that emerges is twice the size. But hey, they are teenagers remember. Adrenalin. Curiosity. Ring a bell?
I try to be the best teacher that I could.
And I will be, one day ahead. Which I’m pretty much sure about that… :)

Hmmmm…. Work… work… work…
:: Demam seminggu sudah... plus bad cough.. ::

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A B C 1 2 3…


I left my school today with deep pride in my heart.
This feeling is indescribable.
I smiled and I just knew that this is the profession of my soul.

I can’t transfer my feeling into written pieces; it does only can be felt by such warmness and delicate essence in my heart.

The moment I witnessed and soon came to realize that my students were actually putting up their great efforts on making their performances smoothly presented, my heart was in my mouth. I’m so proud yet so touched because I know, they are willing to change and they do work really hard to prove it.

It was a feeling that I’ve never felt before.

A solemn pride.

They did perform really well (although some of them were obviously not prepared and playful) and they tried to show their best.

I asked them to reenact from the chapter 1 of the novel The Pearl and they were given 1 week to prepare. What they did this morning was splendid and awesome.

I’m so proud and appreciated.

Ya Allah, give your eternal bless to them.
For slowly, I learn to love them-my heart and my soul…

:: This is me… ::

Saturday, January 12, 2008



My head is still aching and I’m still having a running nose.
Poor me. I’m exhausted I guess. Working 24-7 non-stoppable, I think I’m suffering from a serious brain injury. Now I know how hard it is to be in this teaching profession. You have to deal with zillions of thing. Not only you have to run the teaching and learning session, you need to complete your clerical tasks too. And that was pretty annoying!!

I’m still in the process of fitting in.
Teachers are various. I really have to scan and decide what kind of teacher I want to be. There’s no turning back.

As usual, for us, the newcomers, work loads are torturing. Plus, I have to be the class teacher for the most notorious class in my school. The notorious 4KM2. first day I walked into the classroom, I’ve already lost my temper. From there, I learned that reality is far too unfair. Reality is a cold blood murder which will rip and tear the happiness that you are dreaming of. My students are so rude and they are unadvisable. But—I will not lose hope upon them. I’m great teacher Hyatt. I will make them a human. A person. A living soul that will contribute, if it’s not much, then a little might be fine.

I have to be strong.
Challenges will only make me superior. InsyaAllah….

I am legend-of my own class….

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Needs You...

“… love could end in a split of second… but could I forget, the feeling I have, when I realized that I love you?...”

Saat ini
Ku cerita
Isi hati segala rahsia
Aku rindu
Aku perlu
Hati kamu terukir namaku..

Aku tahu
Aku rindu
Aku perlu mengenali kamu
Biar masa bercerita
Kau takkan hilang aku sayang..

Ku sadari saat manis ni akan pergi
Biar aku ngerti
Kerna aku mahu kamu..

Ku ulangi kau yakini hati ini
Kerna aku cinta kamu
Hari hari aku
Kan menjadi hari kamu
Kerna syarat hidup

Biar nyata
Aku setia
Janji cinta tentunya berbeda
Maafkan lah salah kita
Biar benci
Ku tetap di sisi...

"...This immortal..."



HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR 2008 and it means that, I’m officially working as a teacher, here, somewhere in Batu Pahat, Johor.
First day of working is always being the toughest. You have to deal with everything, plus, I’m no longer in a group of Tim and oat, because they have been transferred to noon session, and that’s mean I have to lead alone. Lone-ranger. A sole teacher who has to do everything by myself. Oh no… pity me.
Thank God that I still have Nik to accompany me whenever is necessary.

I’m still in a process of fitting in (which unfortunately I find it quite challenging and frustrating!).
It’s not easy to get along with those teachers who are older than you plus they are very different in a sense of character traits and personality as well. You really have to be extra genius to tell which kind of person they are. And, if you took a single step which somehow may lead you to a fatal event, you will end up regretting everything!! God...

Workload is something else to bother. You have no idea…
First day of working, my organizer is jammed with events and occasions!
So, I have to be my best and achieve the highest that I can…
Regardless the fact that I’m all alone, I have to strive for my own supremacy.
Fail is only for looser!
And WINNING is my middle name…

:: Selamat Pagi Chekguuu!~Tergelak sendiri... cikgu kah aku? ::