Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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I left my school today with deep pride in my heart.
This feeling is indescribable.
I smiled and I just knew that this is the profession of my soul.

I can’t transfer my feeling into written pieces; it does only can be felt by such warmness and delicate essence in my heart.

The moment I witnessed and soon came to realize that my students were actually putting up their great efforts on making their performances smoothly presented, my heart was in my mouth. I’m so proud yet so touched because I know, they are willing to change and they do work really hard to prove it.

It was a feeling that I’ve never felt before.

A solemn pride.

They did perform really well (although some of them were obviously not prepared and playful) and they tried to show their best.

I asked them to reenact from the chapter 1 of the novel The Pearl and they were given 1 week to prepare. What they did this morning was splendid and awesome.

I’m so proud and appreciated.

Ya Allah, give your eternal bless to them.
For slowly, I learn to love them-my heart and my soul…

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