Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Best


I’m doing good and feeling great.
As time passes by, I’m slowly adapting with my new life here, I mean, world of working.
T is not as heavenly as it may sound, but somehow it teaches me more than anything in this world.
I learn how to be more responsible, more responsive to the necessity of life, and other things that matter.

Alhamdulillah… :)

Kids, they are miscellaneous.
Sometimes they can play nice and sometimes the trouble that emerges is twice the size. But hey, they are teenagers remember. Adrenalin. Curiosity. Ring a bell?
I try to be the best teacher that I could.
And I will be, one day ahead. Which I’m pretty much sure about that… :)

Hmmmm…. Work… work… work…
:: Demam seminggu sudah... plus bad cough.. ::

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