Saturday, January 26, 2008

Neither... :)


A word can change a human.
I’m definitely agree with dat. How can a human be so stubborn and truth denial, while the tremendous downfall is actually foreseen? I will never know.

Sometimes (actually, most of the time…) I took a deep breath and try to recollect every single missing piece in my mind. Took it one by one, try to replace it and try to get back in the picture, what our life is supposed to mean. And guess what, each time failure waves his hand.
Again, I will never know.

I’m neither a good person nor a bad creature.
I’ve made mistakes and I did something good too.
Still, I’ve being judgmental.
This IS WRONG, THAT IS NOT RIGHT… Bla…bla… bla…
Until when does this thing have to last?

~I’m a sinner… and I never been tired of repented…
Why peoples are damn afraid to admit that they are wrong?
Come again?

Never been so thankful and yet demanding a moon to fall on your lap!
You wish,babe… you wish…

:: me has spoken? When will be your turn? ::

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