Saturday, January 26, 2008


:: i dun care where i am, im still wanna look cute!! hihi.. ::

Hye~ I’m quite busy lately. No time to update. Huhu… Busy with loads of works~ Cehh.. sekarang sudah pandai nak bising2... J
Today, my school organized a special run (actually, it’s more to road riley...) called ‘Run for Nature’. Students being divided into categories and they have to run for about 3-5 kilometers.
So, this princess_teacher punya tugas adalah untuk menjaga check point 6.
Yeayy… suke sebab dpt jaga check point dgn oat… hihi…

Kesian pulak tengok my students yg cinonet2 lari dgn penuh perasaan (because nak contribute point kat rumah sukan…) and yg those senioritas2 pulak, daintily walking and chit chatting, langsung tak ambik kisah!! Geram! Poyo~budget bagus pulak…(cikgu sudah marah…)

My job in check point 6 is to make sure that they run accordingly. This means that they have to follow the right trail and at check point 6 they have to get the ‘compulsory’ stuff (gelang getah…) as a token (which they have to show it at the finishing line). Senang je kerja saya… J

It was really tiring. Imagine, I have to walk for almost 7 kilometers, carrying luggage and all stuffs (tapi still control cun lagi…hahaaa…) I was lucky enough because some students were willing to help me, accompanying me and kept me feeling good (walaupun dlm hutan tu, sgtlah tak beshmyer!)

And the overall winner for today’s activity is of course-Team Helang!!!!
Helang dimana?
Helang di siniiiii….

:: Cikgu pula lebih2.... ::

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