Sunday, January 6, 2008



HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR 2008 and it means that, I’m officially working as a teacher, here, somewhere in Batu Pahat, Johor.
First day of working is always being the toughest. You have to deal with everything, plus, I’m no longer in a group of Tim and oat, because they have been transferred to noon session, and that’s mean I have to lead alone. Lone-ranger. A sole teacher who has to do everything by myself. Oh no… pity me.
Thank God that I still have Nik to accompany me whenever is necessary.

I’m still in a process of fitting in (which unfortunately I find it quite challenging and frustrating!).
It’s not easy to get along with those teachers who are older than you plus they are very different in a sense of character traits and personality as well. You really have to be extra genius to tell which kind of person they are. And, if you took a single step which somehow may lead you to a fatal event, you will end up regretting everything!! God...

Workload is something else to bother. You have no idea…
First day of working, my organizer is jammed with events and occasions!
So, I have to be my best and achieve the highest that I can…
Regardless the fact that I’m all alone, I have to strive for my own supremacy.
Fail is only for looser!
And WINNING is my middle name…

:: Selamat Pagi Chekguuu!~Tergelak sendiri... cikgu kah aku? ::

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