Saturday, January 12, 2008



My head is still aching and I’m still having a running nose.
Poor me. I’m exhausted I guess. Working 24-7 non-stoppable, I think I’m suffering from a serious brain injury. Now I know how hard it is to be in this teaching profession. You have to deal with zillions of thing. Not only you have to run the teaching and learning session, you need to complete your clerical tasks too. And that was pretty annoying!!

I’m still in the process of fitting in.
Teachers are various. I really have to scan and decide what kind of teacher I want to be. There’s no turning back.

As usual, for us, the newcomers, work loads are torturing. Plus, I have to be the class teacher for the most notorious class in my school. The notorious 4KM2. first day I walked into the classroom, I’ve already lost my temper. From there, I learned that reality is far too unfair. Reality is a cold blood murder which will rip and tear the happiness that you are dreaming of. My students are so rude and they are unadvisable. But—I will not lose hope upon them. I’m great teacher Hyatt. I will make them a human. A person. A living soul that will contribute, if it’s not much, then a little might be fine.

I have to be strong.
Challenges will only make me superior. InsyaAllah….

I am legend-of my own class….

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rasso said...

sabar cikgu... 1st day ngajar time praktikal dulu... pembaris terbang depan saya...uhuhu... budak baling.... dapat kelas last memang mencabar dulu....

Teruskan perjuangan...