Wednesday, March 19, 2008

15 March 2008


After 9 years we have gone through the hardship and joy of being together, we’ve finally tied the knot. It was an ultimate euphoria that hard to explain. Alhamdulillah. It’s my pure satisfaction. My serenity.

Thanks to my girlfriends who had spent the night with me~ Naddy ^my miss muchy2^, thanks to Oat ^ustazah-soon-to-be^ and Axxa. Plus, thanks to my make up artist Mrs.Along for that lovely touched up J I felt like a princess on that fateful day.

Tears were running down my check for a while~ I knew that this is going to be the toughest part of all. But still, if God wills, there’s nothing that mortals can do to stop what has been written up there. And now, I’m officially his~well, not really 100% his. *You know what I mean*

15th March 2008.
I’m going to remember this date as long as I’m still breathing and as long as my memories are still functioning. The day when I learnt that he loves me so much. The fateful day that somehow revealed to me that true love does exist out there, the date that showed me how powerful love could be. The ultimate day that made me believed Allah is the mightiest of all. Alhamdulillah.

To him~ I’m so in love with you. The one of your kind. There isn’t any suitable word that I can use to show you how lucky I’m to have you in my life. Thanks for always being ‘YOU’ for these 9 years and years to come. You and your angelical formation steal my heart and that will remain the same, forever.

When you said ‘a great love story is in the making’, I did doubt you, but now, I know that it’s true. We are the legacy of our own love legend.

Your love is in my breath.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Third Eyes?Magical Instinct?Nadddaaaaa!!!


waaaaaa.... the 'big' thing that I said is about to happen to me before tuh bukannya 'good' thing tawwww!!!
tetapi saya telah di 'pow' secara dahsyat oleh makngah,pakngah,una,xuexue,mommy,and him!!!!

there goes my RM129.70!!! ~sangat ikhlas...

picture will be uploaded later...

Good Old Days


You can’t forever live in memories, to turn over a new leaf, you should try to forget and move on. But some memories, though how hard you try to erase it, it will remain there as forever. So there goes the old saying, “Memories does leave a scar…” it’s a fact. You can deceit others by your warm smiles and that chatterbox kind of attitude, but can you trick your own feeling?

Merindukan saat2 waktu dulu….

Precisely, I miss my life when I was a student once. Living a life as an undergraduate student, owhh you just can’t buy that moments! It’s as precious as time. Being surrounded by friends~having a good pillow talk before off to bed, gossiping with mates~head over heels with new comers_ I miss to hang out with my bunch of TESLians. /Ketet/Jen/Hai/Fazrul…..

Before I started writing this entry, I was browsing through my old pics and videos~ I am so touched to recall those sweet moments in my life. It’s like a big puzzle and once you put it back to where it’s belong, a picture of ‘you’ is showed.

I am so grateful~ and now…
Living a life of a teacher *you wanted it so badly,aite?* somehow makes me realized that again, you can’t buy old memories no matter how filthy rich you are. Time will not wait for you, once it leaves you-you will never get it back.

To all my friends *whom I don’t have many…*
Thanks for staying… and for those who are about to leave, I can’t hold you back no more. I can’t satisfy every soul and every heart.
I’m not an angel whom never makes any mistake.
I’m just a plain ordinary girl who tries to build my own legacy…
:: i always wanna be the best!! ::

Third Eye? Magical Instinct? Perhaps…


Woke up this early mornin’ (errr…does 9am still be considered as EARLY mornin’?) gagaga… I have this bad habit tau, and I’m doing it purposely, especially time2 cuti lar… iaitu~back to sleep after Subuh prayer_dawnk! Tush~tush : my mom says: “tak baik tido lepas solat subuh!nanti rezeki segan nak masukkk!” owhh my mom_notice that she was using the word ‘segan’ instead of other words. Benci taw… my mom neh kan always so cynical and sarcasm. I don’t have any idea where does she get the skills from. *No wonder I’ve inherited some of it! lol*

Let’s get back to the picture *apetah merepek sampai bab my mom neh!* well, when I woke up this morning, I’ve got a hunch that something good will happen today_still, of course~ I don’t know what it is. *hmmmm* the strong feeling keeps bothering me when I’m brushing my teeth, washing my face and worse, during my breakfast too, the vivid image of a wonderful thing is going to happen lurking in my mind *aiyoohhh… I’m becoming more and more puzzled_doink!*

Till this very moment~I’m still waiting.
I will update layterrr yah?...

p/s: loosing my insanity? Perhaps…



Huhu~ I’m so boring. Lapar lagi pula. But my diet regime says “No fo0d after 8pm!” wahh.. military training betul! Wekkkk!
Benci_mahu kurus pun susah!

Sangat teringatkan dia. *WEkkksss…*

I’ve never tell about him to others, unless, I’ve trusted that person thoroughly. Tamau jadi mcm apa yg dah terjadi 6 years ago! *Trauma…*
But, on this sincere page, read by sincere eyes with a sincere mind and heart… let me introduce to you, my_ehem2… apa yah mahu dilabelkan dia ini?.. Ummm, let’s just call him... *My Mr.Right”. Ngehehe…~

Okies… his name is Hafizal Bin Elias. Born in December 29, 1981. he is 2 years older than me~abang… kikiki. He’s a Capricorn and coincidently, he suits the characteristics of a Capricorn man very well. He’s so understanding, patient, loyal, good with money, romantic (in his own way), sensible+sensitive, quiet but smart, thoughtful, positive thinker, handsome (of course…) and s0o0o loving.

I have known him for 9 years (and still counting) since 15th March 1999.

Me and him, is like heaven and earth. Way too different! Not a single thing in both of us that could be shared. ~sangat2 lain dan berbeza.. but that, make us complete each other *wink~wink…*

He’s so passionate about everything that he do and I never heard him weeping and whining on difficulties that he faced in life. He’s so diligent and sometimes he touches my heart with his sincerity_angelic kind of words and actions. Although sometimes, he, too, getting on my nerves, he calms me down with his soft-spoken voice, mends me with his sweet jokes and his voice echoing every minute and every second in my ears.

He makes me so special and appreciated. Whenever we are going out together, eyes will be on us. * I think so…ke, perasan sorang2??? Gagaga…* he is so well-known (because of his family background) but he never says a word about that. *Biasalah… pipit yg mahu terbang dgn enggang… tak semua daripada mereka yg setuju…) * he makes me believe that true love does exist. He made me cry unstoppably when he said that he wanted to be with me, forever, though that claim him to leave all his wealth and assets behind~and he did that.

~I love him… *cinta mati* and I do pray that Allah will always let him be mine forever. Here and hereafter. InsyaALLAH… amin…

Dia : jangan takut bila kamu disuruh memilih antara harta dan cinta. Kerana apabila kamu memilih cinta, kamu adalah insan yg paling kaya dan mempunyai harta yg tak semua org yg berharta dapat atau mampu memilikinya…

What else could I ask for?

:: aii..main jeling2 pula...luv u bushukkk!!!::

I am Who I am.


Let’s pray that I will always be ME for the rest of my life.

Hmmm~ does anyone here know me best?
Well... the truth is, if you are asking me the same question, probably you will get the same puzzled look on my face right now. I’m unidentified. Imbalance weight of the brighter side and the darker side. Impurity and sometimes ignorance, too. Being underestimated is way too annoying, but that’s me. I’m being critically misjudged by others. Not only because they tend to perceive me as had they wanted me to be, but also because they can’t describe me. They jumped into their own conclusion and the consequences from their actions make my heart goes up and down, aching yet so0o0o frustrating.

Who am i?
24 years (coming to 25 years) of battling against my own self, I almost find the solid explanation about ME. Well, frankly saying that the BAD me have been dwelling over my NICE me for almost 6 years consecutively. That’s mean over these past 6 years; I’ve committed too many wrong doings. So does the saying about “a bad memory does leave scars…” is ultimately correct. God… forgive me… ~ a sinner I am.

With courage that still in my heart and soul that will continue the quest of searching the light to brighten my life, I will never ever giving up on hope. I’m dare enuff to rest my defeated spirit if it has been written that I’m a looser, but that’s unknowable. I will fight and put my hands, barely on the fire. Because I know, sooner or later~ I’ll find it~ no matter how difficult it may seem.

p/s: serius sehh! :)

:: ditepi kerinduanku, memandang hampa pada dunia…ku hanya orang biasa tak lepas dari rasa kecewa… ::

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cerita Sepasang KacaMata

:: looking totful ke looking doubtful?tahlah...hihi...::

Notice tak, I’m wearing glasses now?nehhh~ that’s not mine actually. It does belong to my beloved buddy_Missy Oat.

Someone said~ seeing me with glasses made me looking totful! Owyeahhh?
What? For all this while I’m not thoughtful enuff ker? Chesssttt!
Yalah… looking smart and brilliant alone pun it’s not dat good,juga. What if, someone that you see for the first time, giving you an impression that she/he is someone who is brilliant, smart, and intellectual (just because she/he is wearing specks?) and the truth is far from your perception!!! Ngahahaha… saya selalu terkena!

That’s why. Looking brilliant is not a guarantee of what you have up there.

Kenapa pula malam2 citer mengarot2 pasal specks neh~
I dun noe… maybe I’m missing someone wif the specks kot?

p/s: saya pernah pecahkan kacamata dia… sangat terasa bersalah… ;(

Me and Him


Bestnyerrr dapat spent masa yg sangat2 berkualiti dengan dia~owwwhhh...soo0o happy!!

:: Bila saja saya bersama dia, automatik saya menjadi perempuan manja...huhuhuhu::

To this very moment, I can still feel the love is in the air. There will never be bored for us. Like I used to say before, he is my bored-buster, hate-killer, and he is so loveable. I can’t stand barely looking at him without even thinking how sweet it will be, resting in his hug, and demanding protection from his strong built arms. (chesstttt!!!)

Im in love~ true. It has been 9 years and still counting. Everyday, I fall in love with him. Over and over again.
He is so0o0o+extremely+crazily patient. His patience is undisputable. That’s makes him so special from other men.
I love him! :)

I adore everything about him, well~ you can say that I’m crazy about him. His smell, his voice, his breath, are now become mine. O0ops… sorry—"becoming mine…" :) Hihihi…

p/s :I can’t wait for the day to come…

Big Day To Come

It has been a while since my last post in my blog.
I’ve been a little bit busy as a bee (well~it’s not just a saying though…). There are so many things for me to settle.
Adapting my new life as a teacher plus soo0o0o many things for me to finish, time for me is so precious, even if it’s just a second!!

Sleeping time, bed time, napping are so jewels!
5 minutes of closing my eyes are the most comforting yet so expensive, I cant hardly had!~ Ciannyer….

Busy again, preparing for my big day.. eheh.. (malu nyerzzz…)
Thanks to my mom for being s0o0o extremely creative and indirectly, she’s now my event manager cum my financial consultant. The idea of twisting mud green with whitey and a little bit gold to stir the affection of elegance is all coming from her neat-brain. Thanks mom! ~ pheww~ thank god that my sister and my brother-in-law were all together lending their helping hands to make everything perfectly done.

I’m a little bit nervous though…

A lot of things to consider.

Me: I can’t wait larrrr… tp nervous jugek…

Him: Relax lar.. you don’t have to put so much stress…

Me: You ni kan macam tak excited langsung jewk???

Him: who said? Should I let everyone in this world know how much I wanted and treasured this day to come? I prefer to share it with you, silently let my heart speaks to you and from it, you definitely understand how amazingly blessed I am to win a heart of such a girl like you…

Me: (terbang…terbang….)
p/s: Ku mahu kamu...



The parties still and will continuously debate on their strengths and blaming on the other’s side weaknesses. (Sigh…)
But as for me,
Let us sit together and think for a while. This independence that we’ve got from the old past heroes isn’t a teeny thing for us to trade. It’s the heritage that we should and we definitely have to preserve as the time passes. There will nothing left for us to be proud of if we are segregating heart and soul, blaming and squaring others than try to reconcile each leak that sooner will cause the break to emerge.

Apalah nak di gaduhkan pasal parti…

We should be thankful. Alhamdulillah.

Tak kiralah parti mana yang memerintah, we have to maintain the peacefulness in our country. Lets us hand in hand, together we battle any bad influence from outside and strengthened the core of the unity among Malaysian~ in our heart.

Saya sangat benci apabila agama di politik kan…

p/s :Bulan... Dacing... Roket... Apapun jua....
Bersyukurlah dengan kemakmuran yang ada…