Sunday, March 9, 2008

Big Day To Come

It has been a while since my last post in my blog.
I’ve been a little bit busy as a bee (well~it’s not just a saying though…). There are so many things for me to settle.
Adapting my new life as a teacher plus soo0o0o many things for me to finish, time for me is so precious, even if it’s just a second!!

Sleeping time, bed time, napping are so jewels!
5 minutes of closing my eyes are the most comforting yet so expensive, I cant hardly had!~ Ciannyer….

Busy again, preparing for my big day.. eheh.. (malu nyerzzz…)
Thanks to my mom for being s0o0o extremely creative and indirectly, she’s now my event manager cum my financial consultant. The idea of twisting mud green with whitey and a little bit gold to stir the affection of elegance is all coming from her neat-brain. Thanks mom! ~ pheww~ thank god that my sister and my brother-in-law were all together lending their helping hands to make everything perfectly done.

I’m a little bit nervous though…

A lot of things to consider.

Me: I can’t wait larrrr… tp nervous jugek…

Him: Relax lar.. you don’t have to put so much stress…

Me: You ni kan macam tak excited langsung jewk???

Him: who said? Should I let everyone in this world know how much I wanted and treasured this day to come? I prefer to share it with you, silently let my heart speaks to you and from it, you definitely understand how amazingly blessed I am to win a heart of such a girl like you…

Me: (terbang…terbang….)
p/s: Ku mahu kamu...

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