Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cerita Sepasang KacaMata

:: looking totful ke looking doubtful?tahlah...hihi...::

Notice tak, I’m wearing glasses now?nehhh~ that’s not mine actually. It does belong to my beloved buddy_Missy Oat.

Someone said~ seeing me with glasses made me looking totful! Owyeahhh?
What? For all this while I’m not thoughtful enuff ker? Chesssttt!
Yalah… looking smart and brilliant alone pun it’s not dat good,juga. What if, someone that you see for the first time, giving you an impression that she/he is someone who is brilliant, smart, and intellectual (just because she/he is wearing specks?) and the truth is far from your perception!!! Ngahahaha… saya selalu terkena!

That’s why. Looking brilliant is not a guarantee of what you have up there.

Kenapa pula malam2 citer mengarot2 pasal specks neh~
I dun noe… maybe I’m missing someone wif the specks kot?

p/s: saya pernah pecahkan kacamata dia… sangat terasa bersalah… ;(

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