Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Old Days


You can’t forever live in memories, to turn over a new leaf, you should try to forget and move on. But some memories, though how hard you try to erase it, it will remain there as forever. So there goes the old saying, “Memories does leave a scar…” it’s a fact. You can deceit others by your warm smiles and that chatterbox kind of attitude, but can you trick your own feeling?

Merindukan saat2 waktu dulu….

Precisely, I miss my life when I was a student once. Living a life as an undergraduate student, owhh you just can’t buy that moments! It’s as precious as time. Being surrounded by friends~having a good pillow talk before off to bed, gossiping with mates~head over heels with new comers_ I miss to hang out with my bunch of TESLians. /Ketet/Jen/Hai/Fazrul…..

Before I started writing this entry, I was browsing through my old pics and videos~ I am so touched to recall those sweet moments in my life. It’s like a big puzzle and once you put it back to where it’s belong, a picture of ‘you’ is showed.

I am so grateful~ and now…
Living a life of a teacher *you wanted it so badly,aite?* somehow makes me realized that again, you can’t buy old memories no matter how filthy rich you are. Time will not wait for you, once it leaves you-you will never get it back.

To all my friends *whom I don’t have many…*
Thanks for staying… and for those who are about to leave, I can’t hold you back no more. I can’t satisfy every soul and every heart.
I’m not an angel whom never makes any mistake.
I’m just a plain ordinary girl who tries to build my own legacy…
:: i always wanna be the best!! ::

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