Monday, March 10, 2008

I am Who I am.


Let’s pray that I will always be ME for the rest of my life.

Hmmm~ does anyone here know me best?
Well... the truth is, if you are asking me the same question, probably you will get the same puzzled look on my face right now. I’m unidentified. Imbalance weight of the brighter side and the darker side. Impurity and sometimes ignorance, too. Being underestimated is way too annoying, but that’s me. I’m being critically misjudged by others. Not only because they tend to perceive me as had they wanted me to be, but also because they can’t describe me. They jumped into their own conclusion and the consequences from their actions make my heart goes up and down, aching yet so0o0o frustrating.

Who am i?
24 years (coming to 25 years) of battling against my own self, I almost find the solid explanation about ME. Well, frankly saying that the BAD me have been dwelling over my NICE me for almost 6 years consecutively. That’s mean over these past 6 years; I’ve committed too many wrong doings. So does the saying about “a bad memory does leave scars…” is ultimately correct. God… forgive me… ~ a sinner I am.

With courage that still in my heart and soul that will continue the quest of searching the light to brighten my life, I will never ever giving up on hope. I’m dare enuff to rest my defeated spirit if it has been written that I’m a looser, but that’s unknowable. I will fight and put my hands, barely on the fire. Because I know, sooner or later~ I’ll find it~ no matter how difficult it may seem.

p/s: serius sehh! :)

:: ditepi kerinduanku, memandang hampa pada dunia…ku hanya orang biasa tak lepas dari rasa kecewa… ::

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