Sunday, March 9, 2008

Me and Him


Bestnyerrr dapat spent masa yg sangat2 berkualiti dengan dia~owwwhhh...soo0o happy!!

:: Bila saja saya bersama dia, automatik saya menjadi perempuan manja...huhuhuhu::

To this very moment, I can still feel the love is in the air. There will never be bored for us. Like I used to say before, he is my bored-buster, hate-killer, and he is so loveable. I can’t stand barely looking at him without even thinking how sweet it will be, resting in his hug, and demanding protection from his strong built arms. (chesstttt!!!)

Im in love~ true. It has been 9 years and still counting. Everyday, I fall in love with him. Over and over again.
He is so0o0o+extremely+crazily patient. His patience is undisputable. That’s makes him so special from other men.
I love him! :)

I adore everything about him, well~ you can say that I’m crazy about him. His smell, his voice, his breath, are now become mine. O0ops… sorry—"becoming mine…" :) Hihihi…

p/s :I can’t wait for the day to come…

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