Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bitch In Uniform...


Another off day for seven days consecutively. Great!~ Hahaaaa….
Well, it’s not, my fault.
I’ve never thought that a simple trip over will cause my ankle to suffer from a great sprain! Say congrats to the hi-heels inventor!

Yesterday, I went to the hospital. I’ve to go through further check up.
And, there, I’ve experienced such a disgusting thing and to this very moment if I try to recall every single details that happened to me yesterday, it will send me to a great anger and frustration.

Reminder to those out there who wants to be a doctor~ IF YOU CAN’T FOLLOW THE 7 ETHICS OF A DOCTOR THEN HELL IS YOUR PLACE!!!!

I was admitted to two young doctors’ wannabe. The first one (NAJUA I guess…) was quite occay. She treated me with mannerism and courtesy. But the other bitch was hell too rude!! Oh my God~ what an arrogant bitch she was!

Occay first- without even looking at my ankle, she started to question about my sprained ankle. And her facial expression was one look.
Maybe she thinks that she is superior enough to act like she knows everything~ one finger up!

Then she asked me whether I can walk or not. This question really getting on my nerves, and I felt I wanted to choke her at the very moment.
Bitch, I came wheel-chaired! Of course walking is a problem for me! Even the fool can tell! She was looking at me as if I’ve committed a big crime. Then, using her pen, she examining my ankle (I mean, not using her hands-fingers) maybe she thinks that her hands will get dirty or what, hell, I don’t care! Then with a very sarcastic tone of voice, she said:
“ala… dulu aku fractured lagi on the tip of my toe… occay jer… boleh jer aku jalan. Bengkak2 kaki aku pg kelas. Takde masalah pun….”
Owhh.. what a statement! Patience. My heart says.

“Kerja apa?...”


“Sekolah mana?”

“SMK Sri Gading…”

“Owh… Seri Gading jer…”

I changed look with my fiancé. He holds my hands, asking me to be patient for just a little while. Where as my patience was fading! Then, that bitch started to write a report on a sheet of paper, with her head on her left arm, which she placed it on the table…. (alaaa… mcm orang yg dalam keadaan malas tue…)

I was like… ‘bitch! Is this the way you treats your patient???”
Then, she read my reference letter from the private clinic.
“Pandai2 je doctor ni kata ligament koyak…. Bukan betul sgt doctor swasta nih…”
Oh my God!! She needs a lesson!!!

Without further thinking, I took a deep breath and as I exhaled it out, I said these exact words…
“I guess, you were just assigned to be a doctor, am I right? I can see your ID number starts with 82..You are too young to understand that pain comes in many stages. What you’ve done just now was unethical, you were disgusting, you were acting like you know everything, plus you were just making a statement which suggested that I’m exaggerating things. Yes, I can’t walk and you as a doctor, you have to find the reason why!

Your graduate pointer mesti cukup2 makan kan? 2 pointer something I guess. You mmg takde kualiti, you know that? Without teachers, do you think you can have all this?

Talk about fashion, you are out!! You don’t have class. Pitiful. No one wearing red scarf with yellow baju kurung! Your heels are off the season. Oh my God, your make up is so disgusting!! You are annoying me… you are a doctor, but you can’t treat your own pimples. I want to get out of here and I want to see the director of this hospital, or your supervisor or who ever who is in charge!! Now!!”

Everything went so quite. The two doctors’ eyes were on me.
The bitch looked deadly stunned.

“Izal… tolak I keluar….”

Before I left the room, I gave that bitch one devilish smile. She looked so pale as if there isn’t any blood on her face.

Then I straight went to the Klinik Pakar 2, set my appointment with the orthopedic unit on this coming 21st of April, took my medications and left.

There was one thing I learned, no matter who you are, that doesn’t give you rights to look down to other peoples. Especially for the doctors. I am so disappointed, because once, a doctor comes from the hands of a teacher. It looks like the teacher had failed to mould the bitch to the right person. She was just tainted the profession of a doctor. She ruined everything. Another thing, if you think that you are in the right side~ don’t afraid to speak up. Give them your damn piece of mind.

p/s: still benci berganda dgn budak2 medic! Prejudis…..
budak medic selalu budget pandai….wekkk!

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nextmeia said...

respect cikgu! :)
Get well soon, hyatt...muuach!