Thursday, April 17, 2008

Food Hater


I’ve been lying on my bed for almost two weeks. Two weeks of doing nothing and less movement (I’ve got sprained ankle remember…) made me looking desperately chubby!!

My fiancé has several times said that I look sexier and irresistibly gorgeous with curve. He insisted of me putting a few more kilos while I’m combating myself to cut off those unwanted flesh.

Well, I’m 52kg now and I’m looking stunningly disgusting.
I’ve put on weight!

Yesterday, I cried myself over those stupid kilos.
To hell with others but for me, I prefer those skinny looks. To be more accurate, I wanted to have Posh Beckham or Kate Moss’s kind of body.

So say ‘goodbye’ with my beloved pastries, chocs and milkshakes~ plus fried chics, pizzas, bolognaise and those stuffs.

I’m going to update this later, I mean, my progress on dieting.
Wish me luck!!! :)

p/s: Remembering the good old days when I’m only 45kg….

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