Friday, April 11, 2008


Sometimes, the scar of your past wound will hunt you forever. So do I. I’m trying really hard to heal my old time cut but still, to no avail. The frustration and disappointment still lurking tragically in my heart. I can still feel the pain and until this very day, I can’t forget nor forgive everything that she has done to me.

Friendship had tainted my trust.
I’ve talked about this for so many times and yet, I still crying over the same story.
How could she… that’s the question that until now, she never answers.

Mind my hatred, but for give me, I can’t forgive you.

I’m not a perfect human and that imperfection makes me a devil.

I admit that I’m not as sweet as your girl next door.
Nor I am a person that brings such an angelical smile with daintily steps.

I’m just me.

Named me with every name that you could possibly think.

I’m not that upright kind of girl that you just could walk away from her after bashing her with endless humiliation.

I’m just me.

A ‘ME’ that will make you realizes that life is not just as sweet as you’ve been fairy-tale with.

Lord, forgive me…

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