Monday, May 26, 2008


Went out for shopping. My sole intention is to get a new pair of jeans.
Mine was already worn out and a little bit out of date.

I went to check out the latest collection of Levi’s only to find out that most of the jeans there
were out of my i-want-this-jeans list.

Pity me.

I was devastated.

What makes me more in a deep tense was I’m getting fatter!!

I’m no longer can fit the size 25!!!

Holy shit, I’m now the occupant of the size 26!!! Can you imagine that!!
The whole world is laughing at me!
A slap right on my face!

Only then I noticed this beauty. She was hiding behind an ugly pair of embossed silver lady, peeking on me, waiting to be owned.

She is so gorgeous!!
She eventually mended my heart…

rm303.without further asking--bought!

p/s: wake up! Wake up!! You fatty geek!!


Owhh! I feel so good!!
Two weeks break, what could I ask for more???
Yet, I still have to finish marking my students’ papers.
Extra classes?
Go to H***!!!

I don’t care about them!!
Aren’t they clever enough to go on their own??
Hahaha… (evil laughter)

What is important for me now, just have a good rest, dieting and do more of shopping!!! Yeayyyy!!!!

p/s: I’ve becoming more and more self-centered lately. Guess whose fault is this??

Sunday, May 18, 2008

16th May

::Bart~from him...::
:: from a mysterious one... ::

:: Thank you students!!::

When I was a little kid, I always imagining myself standing in front of the class, holding book in one hand and a cane in the other, watching over my students, tapping the cane onto my desk when they make mistake, throwing out my voice, loud and clear enough to be heard, recite the lesson and the students repeat it after me.

5 years ago, I was in doubt, because my future was full of uncertainties. I was afraid that I might turn out not to be the person I always wanted to become. Walking down the road of contradict evaluation between my own judgment and other’s somehow depicted the question of : how am I going to shape myself into someone that can be considered as noble?

Teaching is always become my passion.
Remembering the saying: it doesn’t matter what lamp may lit the darkness, it’s the light that matter.

As time passes by, I’ve became clear and aware that my dream can be achieved only it claims greater sacrifice and endless enthusiasm that sometimes I lost it along the way.

What more can make my tear rolls down my cheeks, than realizing I already achieve my greatest victory?

Those faces that always getting on my nerves,strangers that they were once, yet now have became so noticeable, so sincere and so close to my heart. What else that matter than seeing those smiles on their faces, their joy and laughter, their purity of the heart, and on top of it, they show their appreciation towards your tiny effort?

I may have said that I’m the strongest of all,
Nothing can touch my heart so deep…
I just assumed that I was totally wrong…

When I held the rose in my hand, when they reached out their hands to give me their priceless presents~ I was already crying at heart.

My desk was full of prizes. And my heart was full of pride.
16th May is my day.
Thanks to my students for those great presents. I am so touched.
There is nothing that I can promise to give except for this knowledge that will continue to grow and bloom.

Behold my students…


Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers out there.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

$$$ and Desires

Phewww… I truly am smiling when typing this down. This evening, my flawed necessity of buying things has been fulfilled. Shamed on me. Only yesterday I promised myself to watch over my financial stability, promised not to spend excessively and definitely promised myself not to, not to buy things that I don’t need.

But but but, I broke those promises without guilt. And those promises have broken into thousand pieces, scattered all over the place, and what is more disgusting, I don’t even have the slightest feeling of remorse!~ I am a shopaholic monster—ngeeee…

Forgive me my lord,
I can’t fight with all might that I have (or least restore deep down in my soul) I surrendered without even put a fight, hands were in the air, I walked through shops, little battling against needs and desires and finally, the desire have won.

But lord, no no no,
I’m not doing it for my own passion,
I did it for my beloved mom and lil’sister…
I bought handbag for my mom, heels and flats for my sister, I treated them dinner and I did some shops for the groceries, I’m not selfish though… ;)
And for me, only some makeup from Elianto and Maybelline, and my skin’s stuff from Shadira. Not much. Just nice cause my stock is running low.

look... glitters and shimmers again!!!! from Elianto and Maybelline

O0psy!~ another addiction contaminating my contaminated brain~ FOOD SKIN.
Before this I never gave a second look when I walked past this shop, but I don’t know why, this evening~it was like I’m being possessed by some supernatural power, the moment I walked past the shop, I took a second glimpse on the stuffs that have been arranged accordingly on the racks and suddenly, I’m so eager to find out more about its stuffs.

Food skin is basically a line of skin therapy products ranging from sensitive skin’s products right up to oily skin’s product. Its ingredients basically from the natural resources such as typical and exotic fruit, black bean, coffee bean, cholera and many more. Some of it caught my eyes. Moreover, I’m looking for a scrub and peel-off mask and eventually I found something in the shop.

Scrub made from Cholera, peel-off mask made from black bean and a couple more stuffs from grapes and fruity things. The price is understandably reasonable. You gurls can definitely afford it!! :)

Lihat...! Lihat...!

I hope you can understand,
Every money that I spent, though most of them were basically for my flawed desires, but still I did remember my families and sometimes I will shop for them to0. It’s not that bad, huh? ;)

I assumed that my apology has been accepted! ;)

p/s: I want the Guess’s perfume s0o0o0o0o bad!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Little Bit Of Shimmers and Glitters

Hye ya’ll…

Damn tired cause throughout this whole day I have to escort my school’s Zapin team doing their rehearsal for tomorrow’s competition.
With a lot of things in mind plus another extra unwanted things that I have to put into consideration too, it’s really makes me drown in a huge question mark. In other word: BLUR.

As usual, therapy for a weary spirit: S H O P P I N G

Only this time, I started a hunt for my new addiction of makeup and perfumes.
Owhh… I forgot to tell you, my new craze for make up is glittery look. Weird huh? For those glitters and shimmers kinda face do is a little bit out of date. But, who cares?
It’s my face and I’m free to do whatever I want with it!~ Hahaha…

So, a visit to Kanebo (my fav stop to shop for my make up things) was worthy and eventually satisfied my needs.
After a lo0o0o0ong (and it was…) survey, juggling loads of products *I don’t know which one to grab!*~*because there were all to0 g0od to resists!* I’ve finally chose glittering face powder from KATE and shimmering *pale pink* blusher from BLOOB de Paris. The texture is so smooth, the first time I touched it was like as if my finger runs into thin air! Once you applied it onto your skin, they were just blended together and hell true, it looked like the pinky shades were actually your skin color.

only for 100 bucks, you can get away with these...

Satisfied. Paid. Drove home. Kanebo is the best!!!


Hmm. Miss my fiancé so much. He is away in KL. Outstation. Hate it.
Miss him. Dying cause I miss him s0o0o0o much… :(

Can’t wait for tomorrow to come cause he will be bask tomorrow night… :)
Insyaallah… yeayyyy…

p/s: Wishlist: ~Guess perfumes: silver pink + gold guess EDP.

Friday, May 9, 2008



Buzz! :)

Hello ladies… (Well, gents are most welcome t0o…)
Feeling great after spent almost two hours with 0at, lurking from brick wall to another, eventually met with the stuffs I fancied… :b unfortunately, that, literally means that I have to throw few bucks, maybe a little more sum of money over things I indeed not much in need.

Shoes hunger—or should I say, a shoe monster is out of cage.
I recently bought new edition of the latest CLEO magz, hypnotized by the most gorgeous shoes and bags VINCCI has proudly released (cause they provided mini catalog t0o). The new collections I mean, it’s a bit colorful and fluorescent, a little eccentric kind of style, but super co0l. so, with the sole intention of window shopping (notice that there is no passion for buying) I walked into the boutique only to figure out that I can’t just walk out without at least a pair of it’s voluptuous heels, or pumps, or flats… or… (See… the adrenalin is about to burst in just a few moment!!)

Pastel color is my new addiction now, and at the very moment, white bags or heels will do.
I can see it from a distance. Like, it’s waving hands to me, like a little puppy wagging its tail to catch the eyes of me, to draw closer and closer and finally the little white baby was in my hands. O0o, you were just too good to resists!!! And you t0o, pale pink heels with brown stripe to add some detail… geeeee… look at that t0o! A white handbag to complete the party!!!


Ended up, buying three of them.
My feeling?
Happy (cause I get the most gorgeous stuffs…)
Sad (there goes my two hundred bucks…)

Shoe Addicts Anonymous...

lihatlah si pinky yg gojesss ini...


p/s: maafkan saya kerana saya sgt tak bisa menahan rasa....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Soliloquy of a Penniless Shopper.


I was totally messed up yesterday. With one undone job in my hand and other errands on the other hand it sends my nerves to a breaking state. My heart was crying unstoppably up to a stage where I have to completely turn off my brain signal and went blank.

I went home with a devastated weary soul, driving like a lifeless zombie being automated by controller. Unproductive teacher I must say, I have become. My strengths and wits are all torn apart by some autocracy kind of management navigating by a hungry monster craving for fame and endless supremacy.

But but but, it all gone when I received a lovely SMS from my beloved fiancé. Lalala…

It says;
“Hon, lets go get your dried passion alive again. Shopping, let say?”

A short, well comprehended message but it gives a huge impact on my weak lame spirit.

At 3.00 pm with the latest outfit that portrays my epitome of fashion, I was already well prepared waiting for my red-horse carriage come and pick me up plus a handsome and super charming prince inside it, makes my life wonderfully defined. :)

There he was and we sailed to our destiny of a prodigal road.

To feed my brain (err…actually to make it smarter than ever) we went to Popular Bookstore where I eventually browsing through loads and loads of new bukz and I was drooling and fancying over stuffs, I was like to have it all at once(sgt merepek…). After wasting (the exact word my fiancé said to me…) time for about near an hour looking for a good bukz to grab, I ended up holding this magical written piece by Beth Harbison, “Shoe Addicts Anonymous”. A big wow just after I finished reading its blurbs. A must-have kind of book. There goes my RM33.90.

Inilah dia...

Then straight away went to the shirts department, grabbed some Nicole’s shirt and racing to my next favorite stop Old Town Café.


After having a little romantic chat, we headed home and I personally, dwelling in a great satisfaction.
Thanks to my lifetime lover, the one and only Mr.hafizal for saving me from sinking into a deep frustration.
Love is so magical and I thanked you for being my guardian angel.
A sense of relieve.
My heart is full of love flowers.
So romantic I refused to let it off….

Happy at the very moment.

p/s: c i n t a yg sangat manis...

Compliments Without Respects


Nowadays, it’s more like becoming a trend of a false compliment, over beauty that someone else’s possesses, over the fairness of one’s skin, over the fine gems that one’s own, and over thousands of others teeny weenie things that humans can possibly think of.

It’s a mere imperfection of human’s capability of appreciating compliment, no longer being a priceless exclamation of notification but rather a flaw deception in turn of a compliment too. So vain.

No offence, but girls nowadays are so plastic.
They are so vulnerable to a fake compliment.
Browsing through testimonials owned by some of my virtual friends (on Friendster I mean…) I can eventually come to a conclusion that girls are easily flattered by idiocy words.

“Those pumps look good on you…”
As the need of in turn that may sound alike/ or a little close like;

“Owh really? But I think your stilettos are killing hot too! Nice cardigans, where did you hunt those?”

“geez~ no lar.. Yours are much better la…”

“Swallow your words. I’m dying to have eyes like yours…”

“But your lips are deadly gorgeous. A mirror of Angie Jolly’s kind of pouts…”

Hell~ this stupid you-compliment-me-and –i-will-do-the-same kind of game is really put my stomach to a terrible pain in disgust.

It is so fake you can smell it from a distance. To my astonishment, it has becoming a massive circulation. The numbers of players are getting larger and the game is becoming harder to0.

My advice to these girls~ just cut it off.
Maybe I’m a little bit over reacted onto this matter, but I’m just trying to preserve the nature of a sincere compliment and to restore the freshness of a sweet talking which fortunately human nowadays are capable of disguising it quite fascinatingly.

p/s: I’m not that good when it comes to accepting a compliment. Irony,huh?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Blissfully Healthy

Lately (I am actually surprised to see how discipline I am when it comes to the matter of dieting~ you will come to witness how am I spent all *well…half of it…* of my money on those healthy-stuff-best-recommended kind of thing) I’m more vulnerable to stuffs which promises to be the best fat busters and cholesterol killers.

The latest, I’m recruiting myself to this new kind of drink called Nestle Bliss Yogurt Drink.
NESTLÉ BLISS world of pleasure. A brand which gives you the pleasure of taste and nutrition.

NESTLÉ BLISS Yogurt Drink ~ The No.1 Yogurt drink: A refreshingly smooth blend of low-fat milk, real fruit juice and ABT Live Culture.
NESTLÉ BLISS yogurt drink gives pleasure to your taste buds while pampering your inner self.

Why NESTLÉ BLISS Yogurt Drink is so good?
Low-fat milk
- Lesser calories and fat as compared to full-cream milk

Real fruit juice
- Assuring pleasure on the taste buds

ABT Live Culture
- A mix of Lactobacilus Acidophilus, Bifidobacteria Lactis and Streptococcus Thermophilus which helps promote a healthy bacterial balance and smoother intestinal function.

NESTLE BLISS yogurt drink is simply perfect for the health-conscious.

The taste is so indescribably delicious plus it tastiness leaves those sweetness in your mouth and after constantly consumed if for a consecutive 7 days, I can literally feels the different in my digestion system, the fairer skin which I enviously have and believe it or not, those ugly bumps on my stomach are slowly but effectively gone. :)

That’s why I keep on consuming it because apart from the fact that I’m looking greater than before, I’m healthier too.

So guys, make your own judgment.So go ahead and pamper your inner self with some Live Culture everyday!


p/s: wanna have flat tummy within these 3 months!


:) A very splendid weekend. 2 days back-to-back spent with my love one makes my world worth living. Again, we were back in Malacca, all blessed with joy and fascinating excitement.

Euphoria. The ultimate happiness.
Though I was a little bit tired cause of a long journey, but totally deep down inside I was extremely happy. He was so gentle and caring, patiently attended to all my fussiness and whiners. He was such an angel.
The best moment is when we cruised down the Malacca River at night, with the wind breezing tenderly touched my face, my head was resting on his shoulder (cehhh….) and he said those magical words… :)

/the fact that we were on vacation with his two naughty brothers and my cousin, but still the romantic~ness was blissfully filled./

No other word could describe my feeling~

p/s : ku katakan dgn indah…

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where my strength is...?

"jika doamu dimakbulkan, tandanya ALLAH menyayangimu..Jika doamu lambat dimakbulkan tandanya ALLAH ingin mengujimu.. Jika doamu tidak dimakbulkan tandanya ALLAH merancang yang terbaik untukmu..."

How could that be?...

I’m living in a great denial. I refused to let the truth invade my heart. I rather sit there and pretending like I knew nothing though the truth is, the knowledge of everything that happened around me is in my pocket.

Ya Allah…
I just want what I have in my heart. Help me gain my strength, as I’m getting weaker each time the old cut haunting me.

An ignorance I was once, and I keep on thinking that I’m still that ole little girl, who always blame herself for every bad thing that happened around her.
My heart is in eclipse.
How could I be that pathetic?
I wish I have the answer…
I wish…


L0ok! How gorgeous you are, you shining black knight with ‘pink’ armour!

I dun care when I have to spend $$$ just to make you look good~

Eyes are on you, babe!!

Shayang sangat dgn En.Farrel yg telah banyak berjasa kepada saya!

I’m in luv with him for almost two years and still counting. Never thought of changing new bug coz I’m really satisfied riding on this black knight.

Love you Farrel!


owH_im so damn happy!!!
Almost 2 weeks of dieting, this morning I went to scale my weight and guess what?? I lost 2 kilos!!! Yeayyyy… from 52kg-50kg!!!

I always remember the saying, you are what you eat. It’s definitely right and absolute truth.
I’m tired of having flabby arms, shaggy and dull eyes, boring look and all… so the best way is~ to change new sheet!

If before this, I hate taking vitamins, supplements and energy fo0ds, but now, I’m so addicted to it!

Thanks to my diet regimes, my yogurt drink, my supplements, vitamins and all!!
I am soo0o0oo0o damn happy!!! :)

p/s: wait up babeh… I’m going 45!


Love is indeed needs a lot of sacrifice.
If you are not strong enuff to walk against the stream, you’ll get drown.
This week, was really a hectic week for me.
There are a lot of things that I’ve to get it done.
Oral assessment, Buddy Support meeting, packing stuff to move to teacher-quarters, phewww… plus that teeny weenie errands that I’ve to deal with… ~well, I’m really glad that those are over.

Love is clearly in the air.
But, sometimes, I’m kinda feel like the air is suffocating me.
Being too committed to my commitment is way too challenging (and annoying too!!).
I can’t stand this and up to certain point, I feel like I’m going to explode!!

What the hell is I’m talking about!

I dunno why…
But, he too, sometimes really annoys me!

Another hot argument leads to a catfight.
We were acting more like a little kid.
Shame on us!!

I just want to get away with it. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I want to be all grown up and mature woman~though deep inside me is still a little girl who hasn’t realize that the world is getting meaner by the day. Goshhh! I wish I could be a little girl for the rest of my life!
No need to worry about work, no need to fuss about love, no need to dwell with those things that drive me crazy!!

But, that’s how life supposed to be, aite?
Life is supposed to challenge you, to dare you and to squeeze your ability, to drill your efficiency and to equip you to face the life after your life. Hereafter, I mean.
Life is not a fairytale with sweet happy ending.
Life is cruel and life is unfair.
Life is all you can get but justice.

Honey~baby I’m so sorry…
Maybe I’m a little bit too exaggerate, but I love you in everyway that you could possibly think of.
It’s just that, I’m ME and it’s hard to control the ME inside me.

Don’t want to give up.
Toodles all…

p/s: (^^,) kdg2 b u n g a menjadi sgt sensitif...lalala...