Sunday, May 18, 2008

16th May

::Bart~from him...::
:: from a mysterious one... ::

:: Thank you students!!::

When I was a little kid, I always imagining myself standing in front of the class, holding book in one hand and a cane in the other, watching over my students, tapping the cane onto my desk when they make mistake, throwing out my voice, loud and clear enough to be heard, recite the lesson and the students repeat it after me.

5 years ago, I was in doubt, because my future was full of uncertainties. I was afraid that I might turn out not to be the person I always wanted to become. Walking down the road of contradict evaluation between my own judgment and other’s somehow depicted the question of : how am I going to shape myself into someone that can be considered as noble?

Teaching is always become my passion.
Remembering the saying: it doesn’t matter what lamp may lit the darkness, it’s the light that matter.

As time passes by, I’ve became clear and aware that my dream can be achieved only it claims greater sacrifice and endless enthusiasm that sometimes I lost it along the way.

What more can make my tear rolls down my cheeks, than realizing I already achieve my greatest victory?

Those faces that always getting on my nerves,strangers that they were once, yet now have became so noticeable, so sincere and so close to my heart. What else that matter than seeing those smiles on their faces, their joy and laughter, their purity of the heart, and on top of it, they show their appreciation towards your tiny effort?

I may have said that I’m the strongest of all,
Nothing can touch my heart so deep…
I just assumed that I was totally wrong…

When I held the rose in my hand, when they reached out their hands to give me their priceless presents~ I was already crying at heart.

My desk was full of prizes. And my heart was full of pride.
16th May is my day.
Thanks to my students for those great presents. I am so touched.
There is nothing that I can promise to give except for this knowledge that will continue to grow and bloom.

Behold my students…


Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers out there.


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