Tuesday, May 13, 2008

$$$ and Desires

Phewww… I truly am smiling when typing this down. This evening, my flawed necessity of buying things has been fulfilled. Shamed on me. Only yesterday I promised myself to watch over my financial stability, promised not to spend excessively and definitely promised myself not to, not to buy things that I don’t need.

But but but, I broke those promises without guilt. And those promises have broken into thousand pieces, scattered all over the place, and what is more disgusting, I don’t even have the slightest feeling of remorse!~ I am a shopaholic monster—ngeeee…

Forgive me my lord,
I can’t fight with all might that I have (or least restore deep down in my soul) I surrendered without even put a fight, hands were in the air, I walked through shops, little battling against needs and desires and finally, the desire have won.

But lord, no no no,
I’m not doing it for my own passion,
I did it for my beloved mom and lil’sister…
I bought handbag for my mom, heels and flats for my sister, I treated them dinner and I did some shops for the groceries, I’m not selfish though… ;)
And for me, only some makeup from Elianto and Maybelline, and my skin’s stuff from Shadira. Not much. Just nice cause my stock is running low.

look... glitters and shimmers again!!!! from Elianto and Maybelline

O0psy!~ another addiction contaminating my contaminated brain~ FOOD SKIN.
Before this I never gave a second look when I walked past this shop, but I don’t know why, this evening~it was like I’m being possessed by some supernatural power, the moment I walked past the shop, I took a second glimpse on the stuffs that have been arranged accordingly on the racks and suddenly, I’m so eager to find out more about its stuffs.

Food skin is basically a line of skin therapy products ranging from sensitive skin’s products right up to oily skin’s product. Its ingredients basically from the natural resources such as typical and exotic fruit, black bean, coffee bean, cholera and many more. Some of it caught my eyes. Moreover, I’m looking for a scrub and peel-off mask and eventually I found something in the shop.

Scrub made from Cholera, peel-off mask made from black bean and a couple more stuffs from grapes and fruity things. The price is understandably reasonable. You gurls can definitely afford it!! :)

Lihat...! Lihat...!

I hope you can understand,
Every money that I spent, though most of them were basically for my flawed desires, but still I did remember my families and sometimes I will shop for them to0. It’s not that bad, huh? ;)

I assumed that my apology has been accepted! ;)

p/s: I want the Guess’s perfume s0o0o0o0o bad!!!

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