Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Compliments Without Respects


Nowadays, it’s more like becoming a trend of a false compliment, over beauty that someone else’s possesses, over the fairness of one’s skin, over the fine gems that one’s own, and over thousands of others teeny weenie things that humans can possibly think of.

It’s a mere imperfection of human’s capability of appreciating compliment, no longer being a priceless exclamation of notification but rather a flaw deception in turn of a compliment too. So vain.

No offence, but girls nowadays are so plastic.
They are so vulnerable to a fake compliment.
Browsing through testimonials owned by some of my virtual friends (on Friendster I mean…) I can eventually come to a conclusion that girls are easily flattered by idiocy words.

“Those pumps look good on you…”
As the need of in turn that may sound alike/ or a little close like;

“Owh really? But I think your stilettos are killing hot too! Nice cardigans, where did you hunt those?”

“geez~ no lar.. Yours are much better la…”

“Swallow your words. I’m dying to have eyes like yours…”

“But your lips are deadly gorgeous. A mirror of Angie Jolly’s kind of pouts…”

Hell~ this stupid you-compliment-me-and –i-will-do-the-same kind of game is really put my stomach to a terrible pain in disgust.

It is so fake you can smell it from a distance. To my astonishment, it has becoming a massive circulation. The numbers of players are getting larger and the game is becoming harder to0.

My advice to these girls~ just cut it off.
Maybe I’m a little bit over reacted onto this matter, but I’m just trying to preserve the nature of a sincere compliment and to restore the freshness of a sweet talking which fortunately human nowadays are capable of disguising it quite fascinatingly.

p/s: I’m not that good when it comes to accepting a compliment. Irony,huh?

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