Thursday, May 1, 2008


Love is indeed needs a lot of sacrifice.
If you are not strong enuff to walk against the stream, you’ll get drown.
This week, was really a hectic week for me.
There are a lot of things that I’ve to get it done.
Oral assessment, Buddy Support meeting, packing stuff to move to teacher-quarters, phewww… plus that teeny weenie errands that I’ve to deal with… ~well, I’m really glad that those are over.

Love is clearly in the air.
But, sometimes, I’m kinda feel like the air is suffocating me.
Being too committed to my commitment is way too challenging (and annoying too!!).
I can’t stand this and up to certain point, I feel like I’m going to explode!!

What the hell is I’m talking about!

I dunno why…
But, he too, sometimes really annoys me!

Another hot argument leads to a catfight.
We were acting more like a little kid.
Shame on us!!

I just want to get away with it. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I want to be all grown up and mature woman~though deep inside me is still a little girl who hasn’t realize that the world is getting meaner by the day. Goshhh! I wish I could be a little girl for the rest of my life!
No need to worry about work, no need to fuss about love, no need to dwell with those things that drive me crazy!!

But, that’s how life supposed to be, aite?
Life is supposed to challenge you, to dare you and to squeeze your ability, to drill your efficiency and to equip you to face the life after your life. Hereafter, I mean.
Life is not a fairytale with sweet happy ending.
Life is cruel and life is unfair.
Life is all you can get but justice.

Honey~baby I’m so sorry…
Maybe I’m a little bit too exaggerate, but I love you in everyway that you could possibly think of.
It’s just that, I’m ME and it’s hard to control the ME inside me.

Don’t want to give up.
Toodles all…

p/s: (^^,) kdg2 b u n g a menjadi sgt sensitif...lalala...

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