Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Little Bit Of Shimmers and Glitters

Hye ya’ll…

Damn tired cause throughout this whole day I have to escort my school’s Zapin team doing their rehearsal for tomorrow’s competition.
With a lot of things in mind plus another extra unwanted things that I have to put into consideration too, it’s really makes me drown in a huge question mark. In other word: BLUR.

As usual, therapy for a weary spirit: S H O P P I N G

Only this time, I started a hunt for my new addiction of makeup and perfumes.
Owhh… I forgot to tell you, my new craze for make up is glittery look. Weird huh? For those glitters and shimmers kinda face do is a little bit out of date. But, who cares?
It’s my face and I’m free to do whatever I want with it!~ Hahaha…

So, a visit to Kanebo (my fav stop to shop for my make up things) was worthy and eventually satisfied my needs.
After a lo0o0o0ong (and it was…) survey, juggling loads of products *I don’t know which one to grab!*~*because there were all to0 g0od to resists!* I’ve finally chose glittering face powder from KATE and shimmering *pale pink* blusher from BLOOB de Paris. The texture is so smooth, the first time I touched it was like as if my finger runs into thin air! Once you applied it onto your skin, they were just blended together and hell true, it looked like the pinky shades were actually your skin color.

only for 100 bucks, you can get away with these...

Satisfied. Paid. Drove home. Kanebo is the best!!!


Hmm. Miss my fiancé so much. He is away in KL. Outstation. Hate it.
Miss him. Dying cause I miss him s0o0o0o much… :(

Can’t wait for tomorrow to come cause he will be bask tomorrow night… :)
Insyaallah… yeayyyy…

p/s: Wishlist: ~Guess perfumes: silver pink + gold guess EDP.

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