Monday, May 26, 2008


Went out for shopping. My sole intention is to get a new pair of jeans.
Mine was already worn out and a little bit out of date.

I went to check out the latest collection of Levi’s only to find out that most of the jeans there
were out of my i-want-this-jeans list.

Pity me.

I was devastated.

What makes me more in a deep tense was I’m getting fatter!!

I’m no longer can fit the size 25!!!

Holy shit, I’m now the occupant of the size 26!!! Can you imagine that!!
The whole world is laughing at me!
A slap right on my face!

Only then I noticed this beauty. She was hiding behind an ugly pair of embossed silver lady, peeking on me, waiting to be owned.

She is so gorgeous!!
She eventually mended my heart…

rm303.without further asking--bought!

p/s: wake up! Wake up!! You fatty geek!!

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