Friday, May 9, 2008



Buzz! :)

Hello ladies… (Well, gents are most welcome t0o…)
Feeling great after spent almost two hours with 0at, lurking from brick wall to another, eventually met with the stuffs I fancied… :b unfortunately, that, literally means that I have to throw few bucks, maybe a little more sum of money over things I indeed not much in need.

Shoes hunger—or should I say, a shoe monster is out of cage.
I recently bought new edition of the latest CLEO magz, hypnotized by the most gorgeous shoes and bags VINCCI has proudly released (cause they provided mini catalog t0o). The new collections I mean, it’s a bit colorful and fluorescent, a little eccentric kind of style, but super co0l. so, with the sole intention of window shopping (notice that there is no passion for buying) I walked into the boutique only to figure out that I can’t just walk out without at least a pair of it’s voluptuous heels, or pumps, or flats… or… (See… the adrenalin is about to burst in just a few moment!!)

Pastel color is my new addiction now, and at the very moment, white bags or heels will do.
I can see it from a distance. Like, it’s waving hands to me, like a little puppy wagging its tail to catch the eyes of me, to draw closer and closer and finally the little white baby was in my hands. O0o, you were just too good to resists!!! And you t0o, pale pink heels with brown stripe to add some detail… geeeee… look at that t0o! A white handbag to complete the party!!!


Ended up, buying three of them.
My feeling?
Happy (cause I get the most gorgeous stuffs…)
Sad (there goes my two hundred bucks…)

Shoe Addicts Anonymous...

lihatlah si pinky yg gojesss ini...


p/s: maafkan saya kerana saya sgt tak bisa menahan rasa....

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